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How to Ace Your Instagram Content – Analyzing the ‘New York Times’

This article was updated in February 2018. The New York Times is one of those iconic publishers that practically everybody knows of. So we assume that their social media marketing is just as iconic as the content of their magazine. Therefore we analyzed four of their Instagram accounts from the past 9 months to gain a  behind the scenes view.

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How to profit from Instagram - Under Armour knows it

Ever since the rise of the Social Web, there have always emerged new trending networks that have a steady effect on the importance of other channels. Currently on the rise is Instagram with its pictures, short auto-play videos and hashtags, especially for younger people that are often the early adopters in the Social Media market. Due to purely visual content on this platform, it is especially efficient for marketers of brands in the B2C sector, because the visual communication is targeted majorly to the emotions of users. To engage their

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Big Retailers - Big Engagement? Analyzing the Social Media Strategies of Ikea, Kohl’s & Co.

After we received great feedback on our last blogpost on NYT and their Instagram strategy, we wanted to enhance our understanding of more companies and their strategies in the social media landscape. The following analysis is digging deeper into the social media strategies of big retailers such as Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s, IKEA and Kohl’s. We looked into the content they are posting, the specific posting times and how they try to reach their target customers exactly. The findings are interesting for every marketer, as engagement rates prove

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