Our Happy Clients

What Agencies Say:

What Agencies Say:

"Our agency uses quintly on a weekly and monthly basis to enhance data & gain valuable insights for clients. It’s a great resource and an easy way to keep track of brands and competitors. quintly gives us a deeper look that has proven effective for our campaigns and reports."

Christina Binz, Public Relations - mu//en

What Brands Say

What Brands Say:

"quintly has been a powerful time-saving tool. It has allowed us to easily track a large number of Facebook pages — both our own and competitor pages — and quickly see any changes in activity."

Stan Kadani - Ubisoft

Media Companies

What Media Companies Say:

"We use quintly as a powerful social media analytics tool to increase our social media audience as well as detecting engaging content from our competitors pages."

Jan Stranghöner, Productmanager SEO & Social Media, - DuMont Net GmbH & Co. KG

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