Key Features

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Get instant benchmarks for all your social media channels
  • Find out which content works best in your social media strategy
  • Optimize your decision making process based on visualized data

Centralized Analytics

  • Track Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn,YouTube and Google+
  • Connect your Facebook Insights and compare all your own pages
  • Get more than 250 different inbuilt metrics to analyze every aspect of social media

Smart Reporting

  • Use the smart reporting engine based on your custom dashboards
  • Receive social media reports that automatically adapt to your dashboards
  • Add any given metric, table and chart to your reports and define your recipients

Custom Dashboards

  • Create custom dashboards tailored to your clients, specific goals and more
  • Bring dashboards to the big screen with ‘mission control’ mode
  • Share any custom dashboards as a live-feed with your colleagues

Overall Metrics

  • Measure your social media performance across all major networks
  • Track social media KPIs like your overall fan growth
  • Find out how engaging you are as a brand on different networks

Key Influencers

  • Get detailed information on social media key influencers
  • Receive accurate information on their behavior
  • Build beneficial relationships that help to advocate your brand

Exporting Options

  • Easily export any single metric or dashboard
  • Use CSV and Excel exports to get the raw data of any metric
  • Download any given metric as JPG, PNG, PDF, PPTX or as a live-feed link

Customer Care

  • Monitor all asked questions on Facebook and Twitter
  • Get valuable insights on response time and distribution
  • Measure all interactions related to user posts

Social Analytics API

  • Access a data pool of more than one million social media profiles
  • Integrate quintly data into existing company dashboards
  • Get instant access without coding


  • Access to a data pool of more than one million social media profiles
  • Customize metrics based on your individual social media goals
  • Combine any data source, e.g. interaction rates across all networks


  • Create multiple sub accounts
  • Boost your client reporting to the next level
  • Manage all your clients and assign profiles, groups and limitations

Sponsored Post Detection

  • Detect sponsored content with 96% accuracy
  • Identify ways to improve your social advertising tactics
  • Receive deep insights in the social media strategy of your competitors

Facebook Analytics

  • Get an integral overview of the performance of Facebook pages
  • Compare and benchmark every existing Facebook page
  • Obtain valuable competitor data to optimize your Facebook marketing activities

Twitter Analytics

  • Dive deep into the valuable Twitter data of competitors and best-practice examples
  • Get a 360° overview of your Twitter performance
  • Compare your efforts with other Twitter profiles for all important Twitter KPIs

YouTube Analytics

  • Get to know the social media performance of any existing YouTube channel
  • Track all channel related indicators like subscriber growth and interactions
  • Benchmark YouTube channels with competitors and best-practice examples

Google+ Analytics

  • Learn what works best on Google+ pages by benchmarking all relevant KPIs
  • Understand the performance of any Google+ page with a 360° overview
  • Analyze the audience, interactions, posting behavior and activity on Google+ pages

LinkedIn Analytics

  • Get an in-depth overview of the performance of LinkedIn company pages
  • Instantly learn what content works best at which time of the day
  • Compare the data of any LinkedIn company page with your own page and best-practice examples

Instagram Analytics

  • Receive an integral overview of any Instagram profile at a glance
  • Analyze meaningful competitor data and compare all metrics with your performance
  • Get to know which filters, photos, videos and hashtags are most effective

Pinterest Analytics

  • Use in-depth Pinterest Analytics on profile, board and pin level
  • See your Pinterest performance compared to your other networks in one place
  • Analyze the best-performing content of your competition

Blog Analytics

  • Benchmark and analyze blogs or websites with RSS and Atom feeds
  • Learn what content works best on your blogs
  • Get access to a powerful set of Alexa metrics for an in-depth performance analysis

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