Your old data is not lost. Say hello to our Migration Assistant 🎉

We understand how difficult it is to start from scratch. That’s why we offer every customer FREE data migration so that important audience and followers data will never be lost when switching from one platform to another.  If you can export it to CSV, we will migrate it. No more losing those all-important insights.

Find out which data you need to migrate

Check if your current provider stores Audience over time data. By Audience we mean: fans, followers, subscribers over time.

Export your information

Majority of analytics providers allow you to export your data in the CSV. We only will need the profile URL, count and date. Here is a template CSV export

Let us do the work

Once you collected all of the CSV files that you need, we will analyze the data and map it to quintly. We will perform the data import in the background and will let you know once it's finished.

All set, enjoy and expand

Once we tested that all of the data is there, we can then move to recreating and improving your current setup (metrics, dashboards and reports). Best of all, we can do all of that even before you started paying for quintly 😎.


It's a full package

Our migration services do not stop only with migrating the data. Our support starts when you choose to use quintly, even though you are still under contract with your current provider. A month before the switch, we will help you with your setup, data, metrics, and dashboards, so you are ready to switch when the time comes for the move. Most importantly, you only start paying when the contract begins, not when we start working together. That way, you will benefit from quintly from day one with no downtime.

Important fine print 👀

  • We will only import audience data. Post-level data is accessible via the API, and we are not allowed to share or import private data from 3rd party providers.
  • Since we are committing to set things up before starting a contract, we would require a duration of the agreement for a minimum of one year.
  • When it comes to importing, as long as your current provider can export snapshots of your account with the timestamp, then we can import it 👍.
  • This service is provided on a case by case basis, which means that we will keep evolving our offering, depending on which provider you are transferring from
  • Finally, if you haven't used any social media analytics software before choosing quintly, the data import will be limited to the limits set up by each specific network. You can find more information about this here.
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