Pinterest Analytics
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Gain valuable insights and generate cohesive reports
by benchmarking your Pinterest account.


In-depth Follower & Board Analysis

Measure all relevant Pinterest follower metrics of your profile and those of your competitors with quintly Pinterest Analytics. Detailed follower statistics take an integral part in optimizing your Pinterest strategy in regards to keeping an eye on the competition and stay ahead.

Pinterest Content Analysis

Your Pinterest content strategy is one of the prerequisites for maintaining and growing your Pinterest audience and creating even more awareness to convert your followers into loyal customers. Pinterest analytics by quintly offers a wide range of features to analyze your visual content.

Interaction Analytics

Every kind of interaction, specifically pins, re-pins and comments on Pinterest, need to be tracked and measured to analyze the performance. quintly provides a variety of important Pinterest metrics in order to back up your marketing decisions.

Board and Pin Level Analysis

Distinguish between Board and Pin Level and check which board and pins are the most successful ones, adjust strategy based on that.

See your Pinterest stats compared to other networks

A unique feature with Pinterest analytics by quintly is being able to compare Pinterest activities with Instagram or other networks and see which networks perform the best - in one place.

More Networks, Features & Endless Flexibility

Social analytics for all your networks within one tool: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. quintly offers outstanding features to optimize your social media marketing efforts.

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