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Changelog: Summer 2020

by Hubert Grzesiek on September 04, 2020


Quintly is always striving to be as transparent and connected as possible. We have created this changelog blog series in order to bring you closer to what is going on at quintly, the little nitty gritty stuff. We will be publishing it bi-monthly. Please let us know what you think about this format in the comments below.


Summer brought us a good healthy mix of updates, new features, new data sources, new metrics and across the board improvements.

We have also made some tweaks to our UI, based on feedback given by our amazing customers 👏.




Holds private-level information about Own Tweets of Twitter profiles, excluding Retweeted Tweets and Replies to users

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Holds information about published posts of Facebook Pages

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New Profile changes

Profile health:

The new feature profile health will no frequently check the healthiness of a profile. What does healthiness exactly mean? It will show if we are able to gather the data for specific cases over a timeline. We have currently a health metric for each use case and also for general access (profile is still available on the network). Here is the list of different invalid state:

  • facebook_migrated facebook_not_exist
  • instagram_id_mismatch
  • instagram_not_exist_or_personal_account
  • twitter_account_not_exist
  • youtube_channel_not_exist
  • linkedin_account_not_exist
  • instagram_link_to_fb_page_mismatch
  • instagram_no_link_to_fb_page
  • instagram_only_general_link_to_fb_page use case is not fulfilled
Profile events:

Profile events are will list different types of events. So e.g. if some deactivate a use case we log these events and display which user has deactivated the use case. Different types of events we have currently:

  • Profile added
  • profile got accessible
  • profile got inaccessible because ...
  • use case deactivated
  • use case activated
  • auth user disconnected the use case
  • auth user connected the use case
  • auth user got removed by which user
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Instagram: Key Metrics by Month

See how accounts compare on a monthly basis based on common KPIs such as Engagements, Impressions, Reach and more

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Twitter: Top Retweeters

See the user handles that have retweeted your tweets.

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Facebook: Page Reach Table

See the development of pages' reach for the last 1, 7 and 28 days.

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Private/Shared Dashboards

Create and manage shared and private dashboards. 

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Update to using dynamic dates

Extension to our dynamic date selection. You can use terms such as now  "now", "today" and "yesterday" in several contexts

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Facebook|Instagram|Twitter: All Videos Table

See what videos have pages posted across all networks and how the videos performed.

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Improvement to gauge charts

They now work better in narrow contexts because of a repositioning of the label (e.g. Impressions) below the value shown

image (2)-1

image (3)-1



Instagram: Page Reach Table

See the development of pages' reach for the last 1, 7 and 28 days.

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