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Account Management Dashboard Product Feature Updates

New private/shared dashboards

by Hubert Grzesiek on July 14, 2020

With this release, we are bringing you the ability to create shared and private dashboards. This update brings much needed layer of organization, which will become quite handy if you manage multiple accounts with multiple team members.

How it works?

Once you access the dashboards section, you will be prompted with 2 options, in the file tree like structure. You will be able to choose:

  • Private dashboards - dashboards that will only be available for you
  • Shared dashboards - dashboards that will be shared with your team

You can always update the privacy on the dashboard by moving them from one to another location (see screenshot below):

Move Dashboard between shared and private dashboards

You can also move the whole folder structure, it will effectively change the permission of the dashboards enclosed.

We have also introduced the shared ownership of shared dashboards, they can be edited or removed by any admin that has the access to this folder.

We hope that with this update, we could help you organize your accounts. If you have any questions, please contact us

Hubert Grzesiek

Hubert is a part of the Product Team. Digital enthusiast, passionate about ever-changing Saas, Design and Technology in general.

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