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Welcome to the new profile management 🔥

by Justina Michalski on December 10, 2019


We are really excited to show you our new and improved Profile Management with a completely new Authentications section! Our authentication system was built to provide a high level of transparency. It allows you to view the state of your private statistics connections, as well as diagnose and act on connection issues directly inside the quintly tool.

To achieve this, we have split the system into two separate sections. Private statistics use case management, and authenticated user management. These two systems work independently of each other, giving you the freedom to work in either direction.

Private statistics use cases:

In the profiles section you will see an indicator next to your profiles that shows the state of their private statistics connections, opening this indicator shows you the use case manager. Here you can set the desired level of private statistics for each profile, which we have clearly defined with different 'use cases' - each referring to the different technical permissions of each social network. Learn more about private statistics use cases here.


Authenticated accounts:

Once private statistics use cases have been set, they will need to be fulfilled by your social networks accounts. In the authentications section we visualise each of these accounts alongside the profiles and individual private statistics use cases that they fulfill. If multiple accounts meet the requirements for a single profile, our system holds them as redundancy connections to ensure an automatic failover.


By creating a new authentication request, you are able to add additional accounts into the list. This can be done either by granting the necessary permissions yourself, or if you require another person to make the authentication, we can provide an external link so that you can send the request to them. Learn more about how to build a request here.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at or via live chat.

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Justina Michalski

Justina is part of the communications team at quintly. She manages marketing and PR activities in the US and the German speaking markets and is responsible for our social media activities.

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