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Past Webinars

A-Z Social Media Reporting

  • Learn how to report your social media results time-efficiently
  • Get tips on how to set the foundation for social media reporting
  • Receive deep insights into different reporting formats
  • Learn how to report correctly to the right people in your company

Get the most out of quintly

  • October 13, 4:00 PM CEST / 10 am EDT
  • We will discuss how to use social media analytics to the fullest
  • Explain how to use custom dashboards
  • We will give a deeper understanding of custom metrics
  • Get an idea of how social media analytics can be used in daily business

Digging Deeper into Social Media Metrics

  • We shared our experiences, which metrics are important for which purpose
  • We explained the power of custom metrics

Getting Started with quintly

  • April 11, 5:00 PM CEST / 11 am EDT
  • We will show the basics of successful social media analytics
  • Show detailed on how you get started with quintly
  • Explain how to find the right KPIs that sit your goals
  • We will give insights in the foundation of time-saving reporting

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