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#1 Leverage social analytics to make highly informed strategic decisions 

#2 Create customizable metrics that help you hit your long-term goals

#3 Build simple and beautiful reports to keep everyone on the same page

#4 Make competitive analysis simple and manageable 

#5 Use our advanced API to make the most out of your data

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In just 30 minutes, one of our award-winning support team will take you through: 

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⚡ The power of tagging 

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Here are just some of the media companies that benefit from quintly’s analytical capabilities.

Benefit Cosmetics Asos accenture Coca cola Samsung T-mobile

Features designed with media companies in mind 📡:

Dashboards ready to go

Start analyzing in minutes with our selection of predefined dashboards - grouped by use cases, networks, and more.   

Customizable metrics

​​Monitor the metrics that support your specific social strategy. Not tech-savvy? Our support team will help you build any metric you need.

Powerful tagging

Making campaign analysis effortless. Tag away, and see your insights come to life in our automated reports.

Reliable data

Our data is top-quality, unrivaled and constantly updated across all our networks.

Cross network reports

Gather all of your most important KPIs across all your social networks. Complex reporting made easy. 

Powerful API

Supporting the full ability to run custom queries, and with no extra cost.

Our recognitions...🏅

High Performer Europe Fall 2022 High Performer Enterprise Fall 2022 High Performer Fall 2022 Best Support Enterprise Fall 2022 High Performer Small Business Fall 2022 High Performer Mid Market Winter 2022 Users Love us
4.7 star rating on G2 Crowd

... and one of many success stories 😍

"We use quintly to track social media performance across 100+ social channels and compare global goals across networks in 36 markets. quintly's data insights helped us achieve over 22% growth in year over year reach and 50% in total engagement."

Toto Haba VP Digital, Benefit Cosmetics

We love data ❤️

So… here are some cold, hard stats we wanted to share.


social media metrics to customize


Unique data source both private and public


different social media networks to analyze in detail


support tickets left unanswered

See for yourself how quintly’s software can meet your business’s unique challenges on social media.


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