Empowering Insights for Your Success on Social.

Solving your data and reporting challenges  with the most precise analytics. Customized metrics and reports tailored to your needs is a must.

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Some of world’s largest brands trust Facelift Data Studio platform

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Access social media data with network-native excellence

Pull quality data from all your social media accounts and track performance across hundreds of profiles in one place. Analyse your performance and gain insights into your competitors, inspiring brands, future clients, social media influencers and more. 

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Gain insights to drive real impact faster

Choose from 500+ social media metrics and from hundreds of customizable dashboards to set up meaningful analyses. Find valuable insights to drive social media management forward. Hands-on with data? Create your own dashboards within a few clicks and find the answers you need.

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Build the reports that your team will love

Create and automate custom reports within minutes. Share data with your team or set up clients to access private stats securely. Choose to export comprehensive or specific social media reports at the press of a button, or set automated delivery times and formats. 

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Access Facelift Data Studio extensive and powerful API

Gain full data flexibility and security with our carefully maintained API. Integrate data from your social platforms with your favourite analytics tools, business intelligence systems or data warehouses. Elevate your performance marketing strategy with social data intelligence.

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High quality data and customisation in one place

At Facelift Data Studio, we're a team of quality-obsessed and hands-on social media specialists. Over 10 years, we've built one of the few social media analytics tools that helps you measure cross-network KPIs and campaigns. 

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How you can use Facelift Data Studio to scale social media marketing

Advanced analysis of owned channels

Use data to optimize you strategy, know your audience and plan your social calendar. 

Competitive benchmarking

Benchmark your industry and stay ahead of competitors on social media.

Content optimization

Get a complete overview with a cross-network content performance and comparison.

Ad analytics

Compare how your paid social ads perform against your organic content.

Customer care and community analysis

Keep track of the fundamental customer care metrics across social media platforms

Social media campaign analytics

Monitor goals in real time, from the engagement rate and followers, to hashtag tagging, content performance and more. 

Monitoring and focused social listening

Detect if specific profiles have mentioned specific words within their posts and comments, and see their performance. 

Influencer marketing

Keep track of your influencer campaigns and measure ROI.

Easy-to-use platform for social marketers and data specialists

Social Media Managers

Understand your audience, prove your strategy and scale your social media strategy with confidence. 

Data Analysts / Strategists

Access quality data with high-security standards, customisation and integration capabilities.

Marketing Directors / CMOs

Gain performance insights and drive your strategy with analytics and competitive benchmarking.

Quality social data for any industry, anywhere

Marketing Agencies

Track all networks in one powerful social media analytics tool, use separate spaces for each client and share your branded reports that prove your impact.

Brands and Organisations

Analyse the performance of your brand's accounts on social, benchmark with competitors and gain insights on your market and audience. 

Media Companies

Compare your performance among different social media channels in one place and benchmark against other media companies.