The next level of YouTube Analytics

Elevate your YouTube marketing strategy with the highest quality data. Measure, track and benchmark your YouTube videos and channels in one place.

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Analyze the YouTube KPIs that matter

Quickly access hundreds of customizable metrics and dashboards designed to uncover insights and optimize your professional social media strategy.

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Report on the 2nd-largest search engine

Make reporting an effortless job by quickly converting your YouTube analysis into reports that get sent out to your recipients automatically. Export data in many common formats like JPG, PDF, CSV and XLS. Share your analyses as interactive web pages for your colleagues or clients to work with.

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In-depth analytics with YouTube Studio data quality

Over 100 YouTube channel metrics for a comprehensive view

Audience demographics

Browse the wide variety of metrics, from breakdown by age, gender, country, to subscribed status or YouTube product.

Historic subscriber count

See subscribers count, status and change over time. No 30 day-limitation for your own channels.

Card metrics

Track impressions, clicks, clicks per card shown, and more.

YouTube Premium metrics

Analyze views by YouTube Premium users over time.

Lifetime metrics

Your data aggregated since the creation of the YouTube channel.

In-depth analytics on video performance

Key video metrics

Track views, likes, dislike, comments, videos tags performance and more. 

Private-level data of top videos

In-depth data: from shares and averages minutes watched, to privacy status and subscribers gained / lost. No limitation of a maximum of 200 videos.

Video periodic metrics

Interval-based data at private level: daily, weekly and monthly for each posted video.

Some of world’s largest brands trust Facelift Data Studio's social media analytics platform

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Access Facelift Data Studio's extensive and powerful API

Gain full data flexibility and security with our carefully maintained API. Integrate data from your social platforms with your favourite analytics tools, business intelligence systems or data warehouses. Elevate your performance marketing strategy with social data intelligence.

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High quality data and customisation in one place

At Facelift Data Studio, we're a team of quality-obsessed and hands-on social media specialists. Over 10 years, we've built one of the few social media analytics tools that helps you measure cross-network KPIs and campaigns. 

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