Leverage your Instagram Stories with analytics

Instagram Stories are one of the most popular social media formats today. Go ahead and analyze all central data points for Instagram Stories and track their performance over time to optimize their impact with your audience.

instagram stories metrics

Analyze all Instagram Stories KPIs that matter

Display your relevant data on Instagram Stories by choosing from a set of useful and insightful metrics. Exactly represent your business goals in Instagram marketing and create analyses that really represent what you want to achieve.


See how many Instagram users are being reached by your stories. Also find out how many times they see your stories by analyzing Impressions.

Taps & Exits

Closely monitor the tapping behavior of users interacting with your stories. Also find out how often people exit your stories to see what makes more attractive content.


Measure what resonates with your audience by tracking the number of replies you receive on your Instagram stories. 

Track the performance of expired Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories expire after 24h hours – and performance data vanishes with them. To overcome this limitation, we created a mechanism that tracks your stories and collects data every 30 minutes. This helps to get better insights into how the impact of your Instagram Stories develops over days, weeks and months.

instagram stories expired data

Get a complete picture with all Instagram data

Unify your Instagram analysis in one tool by combining data on your Stories with data on the overall performance of your Instagram business profiles. Compare overall Reach or Impressions with your Instagram Stories and find your best performing formats.

“quintly is probably my favorite social media analytics service on the web. It helps me track, benchmark, and optimize my social performance with accurate analytics.”
Neil Patel Co-founder, Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Neil Patel Digital

Share, export and report key takeaways – easily

Turn your analysis of Instagram Stories into automated reports. Also export data in various common formats like XLS, CSV, JPG and PDF. You can also share your dashboards as dynamic web pages via a link export. Reporting for the Instagram Stories performance has never been so convenient and fast!