quintly becomes Facelift Data Studio

A while ago, quintly joined Facelift, Europe's leading Solution for company-wide Social Media Management. Since then, we've worked tirelessly in the background to elevate your data-quality and experience even further. 

So today, I am super-thrilled to share an exclusive preview into the future of your favourite analytics platform. 


"We are fully committed to you as our customer, making the product even better tomorrow."

Teja Töpfer, CEO at Facelift


Say hello to Facelift Data Studio 

With our next major update, quintly will become Facelift Data Studio. The new name reflects our commitment to the Facelift brand and its mission to enable companies to win their social media game.

The new name also represents a solid connection to Facelift ecosystem and a complete, full picture of social media analytics offerings. Facelift Data Studio, together with other Facelift products, allows reporting that matches any business needs and users, whether they are social media managers or advanced data scientists, providing data quality foundation quintly is famous for. 


New Features in our roadmap

We're excited to bring some cool features and enhancements to Facelift Data Studio this spring. 

  • Enhanced Private TikTok Data: Gain even deeper insights into your TikTok performance. 
  • Enhanced Audience Insights: Understand your Instagram audience better than ever before. 
  • Social Ad Analytics: Unlock comprehensive insights into your Facebook advertising campaigns. 
  • Facelift is in sync with Facelift Data Studio: Ensure your teams can access the same high-quality data in user-friendly, intuitive dashboards, when using our social media management solution. 


Better performance and even more secure

We have moved our cloud-servers from the US to Germany to enhance system performance – while also improving your data security and ensuring future compliance with GDPR and all upcoming EU-Regulation at the same time. 


What does this mean for quintly customers?

Rest assured, Facelift Data Studio will remain a standalone product, and all existing contracts will remain unchanged. No action is required from you - just sit back and look forward to what's coming next! 

Celebrate with us - bundle offer! 

When Facelift Data Studio is paired with our Social Media Management Solution Facelift, it will empower all of your teams to benefit from unrivaled quality social data analytics and the ability to turn data insights into real action!  

I am looking forward to providing you with the best product out there and the same customer centricity that you have known us for.

To an even better future,

Teja Töpfer
CEO at Facelift

Frequently asked questions

What does this rebranding mean to my billing or contract?

Nothing will change regarding your contract. Our companies have already merged legally, and all contracts have been transferred automatically. Your “quintly” subscription is already billed by Facelift, so will the future “Facelift Data Studio” subscription.

Will the rebranding change anything in how I use the tool?

Nothing will change regarding your use of the tool. Once the rebranding has been implemented it will merely be a change of logo, name and color schemes. Over time we will add new data points and features to improve your experience and continuously meet your needs.

Is facelift GDPR compliant?

Yes, facelift is compliant with GDPR under German law and on top of that ISO 27001 certified. Read more here

Can I purchase Facelift Data Studio on its own?

Yes, Facelift Data Studio, then formerly known as “quintly”, will continue to be offered as a standalone product and thus it is available as an individual purchase. Contact your Account Manager if you want to benefit from our bundle set-up with our Facelift Social Media Management solution.

What does it mean to my social media data stored at Facelift Data Studio?

The former company “quintly” has legally merged with Facelift, and all contracts and obligations have been transferred automatically. There has been a migration from US servers to servers now located in Germany, Europe, to provide even better performance and security to our customers.