quintly joins facelift


We are excited to announce that quintly is joining facelift by acquisition. Under the motto “Smart, social, all in one - for you!” quintly will become part of the facelift family and offer its expert analytics platform within a bigger facelift context.

facelift is Europe’s leading social media management solution, and our products are an ideal match and complement each other perfectly. We will be able to deepen facelift’s existing social analytics module and, at the same time, offer our leading analytics platform as a standalone product to more customers. On top of that, quintly customers will have the option to use facelift’s strong products, especially their customer care and publishing modules with new integration options.

We have been growing quintly in a bootstrapped way over the last 12 years (you can read about it here), and it’s important for us personally that whatever we do is in the core interest of our customers and our team. Over the last years, we have seen that more and more customers are looking for an integrated solution that can create value from more than just standalone analytics, so we believe that joining facelift is an enabler to cover that customer demand and improve our expert analytics solution with a much higher speed.

As an existing quintly customer, you don’t need to worry, as quintly will continue as a standalone product within the facelift ecosystem. With quintly’s team (including us co-founders) joining facelift, we will be able to continue our journey to offer the best social media analytics platform out there and combine it with facelift’s leading all-in-one solution. With additional resources and integration options, we can develop the existing product even faster and offer our advanced and high-quality data processes to many more customers.

As co-founders, we believe the facelift team is the perfect partner with a joined product-led mindset and similar values. We believe that the best product is necessary to create customer value, and we found the same strong belief within the facelift management team and everyone we got to know throughout the process. We have already been working with facelift as partners over the last four years and, therefore, can build on a very trustful relationship.

What does this mean for quintly customers?

The current quintly product will continue as a standalone product within the facelift ecosystem, and all existing customer contracts will continue as agreed. We will have access to more resources going forward and therefore want to increase the speed of product development and make sure we can serve the growing needs of our joined customer base even better.

What does this mean for the quintly team?

The quintly team, including us as co-founders, will be joining facelift, and we are already looking forward to working in a bigger team with more options than we would have on our own. 

To both customers and team members, thank you so much for putting all the trust in us over the last 12 years, as we wouldn’t be here without you. Seeing all the great customer use cases is the biggest motivation for us to push harder, and we will continue to do so.

We are looking forward to providing you with the best product out there and the same customer centricity that you have known us for.

To an even better future,

Alex and Fred
quintly co-founders

Frequently asked questions

What does this acquisition means to my billing or contract

Nothing will change in regards to your contract. For the time being, quintly will still be a separate company. At some point in the future we will merge legally, but all contracts will be transferred automatically. At that point we might ask you to update our billing details in your accounting system, but you will be notified in advance.

Is facelift GDPR compliant?

Yes, facelift is compliant with GDPR under German law and on top of that ISO 27001 certified. Read more here

Can I purchase quintly on it's own?

Yes, quintly  will be offered as a standalone product and thus it is available as an individual purchase. We will also have more resources to improve the product further.

What does it mean to my social media data stored at quintly

There is no change in how your social media data is handled, as quintly will stay a separate legal entity for the time being (like before). At some point in the future, both companies will merge legally, but all contracts and obligations will be transferred automatically in that case. We will keep you informed about any planned changes going forward.

See quintly in action

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