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Insta-News Unveiled: Analyzing the Strategies and Successes of 12 Major Media Outlets on Instagram

Report analyzing the Instagram presence of 12 major media outlets from around the world.

Super Bowl XXIII: An Instagram Analysis

How did the Super Bowl affect the social media success of the brands and participants involved? Find out in our extensive report.

Black Friday 2022: Report Analysing Facebook Posts of Top 120 Brands

Report analyzing how +120 retailers, department stores and well-known brands worldwide are posting on Facebook about BlackFriday in 2021, 2020 & 2019.

Instagram Reels: Top 20 Brands Report

How do Reels compare to other types of Instagram posts? See the most extensive report to date analyzing the Instagram Reels performance of 20 top brands. 

How to Create Perfect Social Media Report

Find out how to engage your stakeholders with highly customizable social media reports. This resource contains video, slide deck and more...

Complete Guide: Reach VS Impressions

To win the game of social media, you need eyes on your content. Read on to learn the difference between impressions vs reach and how to track them. 

Black Friday 2021

We analyzed facebook posts around Black Friday. What works, when to post, what hashtags - you will find the answers in this report

10 Years of quintly

We are officially 10. Read where it has all begun, follow the journey and where we are heading.

Social Media Analytics for Marketing Agencies

A well-versed marketing agency is creative, inspiring and effective at telling the brand stories of distinct customers. Learn how social media data intelligence helps them deliver.

Social Media Report Template

Generate meaningful and easy to understand social media reports for your agency's clients, in-company executives or more stakeholders. This Google Slides template helps your structure your report and include the important KPIs, metrics and data. Download your copy and tailor it to your needs!

5 Ideas to Optimize Your Social Media Analysis

Together with a Swiss research institute, we published this think-piece to help everyone create more meaningful social media analyses.

What's the best time to post in the US?

Based on a large data set, we try to answer this age-old question of social media marketing and give some helpful insights.

The Perfect Social Media Post

With an analysis of over 10 million Facebook and Instagram posts, we uncover what makes ideal social media content.

Top 10 Brazil Brands on Instagram

They actively participate in virtual communities, which is why Brazil is one of the most engaged countries in the world.

The 20 Most Valuable UK Brands on Social Media

Find out how big brands from the UK do social media marketing. Learn from their high points and how to avoid their mistakes.

20 Most Important Brands in the US on Social Media

Discover how the biggest brands in the US market on social media. Improve upon how they succeed and learn from their mistakes.

Instagram Study 2019

Instagram has over 1 billion users worldwide. This is not only a huge amount of registered users but also a lot of many different use cases.

UK Brand Report 2019

Considering the rising importance of social networks and financial investments being made in it, we decided to take a closer look at the social media performance of the top 20 UK brands.

Facebook Media Study 2018

In this study we are focusing on the analysis of the Facebook performance of media outlets. This includes media, news and broadcasting companies, as well as news and media websites.

B2B Marketing in the LinkedIn Universe

As the professional network gains more and more popularity, we created this comprehensive guide to use LinkedIn successfully.

Facebook Study 2018

Find out what we've learned from analyzing 105 million Facebook posts. Access all the findings with our in-depth social media report.

Instagram Study 2018

We decided to learn more about the usage of the social network by analyzing the performance of 44,432 Instagram Business profiles and over 8.9 million posts between January 1 and September 30, 2018.


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