Our commitment to climate action 🏔️

At Facelift Data Studio, we believe climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. So we want to contribute to creating a future worth living in. 



Everything we do has an impact on the environment

We believe that businesses play a big role in helping fight climate change. At Facelift Data Studio, we are always focusing on creating long-term value and with the same vision, we want to make sure that future generations can enjoy our planet as much as we do. 

Our impact is bigger than just our own actions, so we want to invite customers, team members, and partners to join us on that journey. We have selected a couple of climate organizations that we believe are doing a great job and we want to support them financially.



Primaklima is focusing on removing CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees all around the world. They choose tree planting projects based on transparent criteria and make sure that they continuously monitor the projects.

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atmosfair carbon offset projects reduce CO₂ emissions and support sustainable development by transferring technology and combating poverty.

Currently, 90 % of atmosfair’s carbon offset projects adhere to the CDM Gold Standard, the strictest standard available for climate protection projects.

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ForTomorrow offsets carbon emissions by planting trees in Germany and by buying CO2 certificates from the European carbon market, so that others cannot emit the CO2. This will drive up the CO2 price and motivate big emitters to switch to renewable energy.

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