Give your agency an edge with our advanced social analytics.

Leverage powerful multi-client management. Dive deeper into your social content.  Benchmark yourself against competitors. Easily compile and release reports. Truly, Facelift Data Studio is your secret weapon.

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Some of world’s largest brands trust our social media analytics platform

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Provide insights your clients never knew they needed.

Impress with your deep grasp of social analytics. With 700+ pre-developed metrics at your disposal, dig into the complex data, draft clear conclusions, and offer innovative insights. It’s that simple.

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Get the high quality data your clients need, securely

Client social profiles are shared on Facelift Data Studio using a private, secure link… Meaning? They can rest easy and you can get to work - no roadblocks. 😉 Access all the networks you need, for the comprehensive social insights they need.

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Detailed reporting made easy

Whether a quick metric export or complete automated reports from your dashboards, everything can be ready at the click of a button. Even add your custom branding, or dynamic live links. With Facelift Data Studio, reporting is made simple for you and your clients, when they want it, how they want it.

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Access flexible multi-client management

Different clients have different needs. You know this better than anyone, right? That’s why Facelift Data Studio is designed with separate user and admin functions, so you can designate different profiles, groups and spaces per client. Keeping your workspace easy to manage.

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Access Facelift Data Studio's extensive and powerful API

Gain full data flexibility and security with our carefully maintained API. Integrate data from your social platforms with your favourite analytics tools, business intelligence systems or data warehouses. Elevate your performance marketing strategy with social data intelligence.

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Here’s how Facelift Data Studio helps 100s of agencies across the globe

Advanced analysis

Take advantage of data provided across 7 social networks. Use our advanced search to find any piece of text across all posts within the specific time period. No tool does social analytics like we do.

Ads analytics

Compare how your paid social ads perform against your organic content. Hone your strategy.

Built for flexibility

Swap your profiles as many times as you have contracted. Divide your workspaces with unique user access to each of them. We’ve developed our product with agency needs in mind.

Deep audience understanding

Facelift Data Studio tracks any shifts over time in your followers, likes and even behavior changes. This is the type of seriously useful data that most social networks won't share externally.

Unrivaled customer support

You will be given your own account manager to handle all your needs. Plus, every account has access to our support team. No ticket goes unresolved - we have the stats to prove it… 😉


High quality data and customisation in one place

At Facelift Data Studio, we're a team of quality-obsessed and hands-on social media specialists. Over 10 years, we've built one of the few social media analytics tools that helps you measure cross-network KPIs and campaigns. 

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