Brand new analytics for Snapchat to take your social strategy to the next level.

Gain deep insights into the performance of your owned Snapchat Story Studio content, right down to which Shows, Stories and Snaps make the most impact. Compare content and understand audiences to optimize your strategy.


More than 18 new metrics allow you to track and compare your content

With Facelift Data Studio, you simply and securely connect to your owned Snapchat Story Studio account to add which metrics you want and get to work analyzing. With metrics covering all sides of content, right down to Show level, Stories level and Snaps level KPIs.


Shows metrics

Track the loyalty of your viewers, get more information on demographics, the development of monthly unique users per Show and much more!


Stories metrics

Analyze every story – also within your Shows. Get insights on total views, unique viewers, the completion rate of your story and more. 


Snaps metrics

Compare your published Snaps to each other and find out which one got the highest reach or completion rate. We provide demographics, shares, total views and many more metrics. 

Take advantage of the Snapchat data you didn’t even know you had

Get in touch with important data points and track key metrics for Top Episodes and Stories as well as the Snaps within Stories like Completion and Drop-off rates, Reach, Shares and much more.

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For businesses on Snapchat, understanding your audience is everything

At every level of Facelift Data Studio’s Snapchat Story Studio analytics, metrics give you instant insights into audience demographics like age distribution, gender and the relative frequency of them browsing your Shows and Snapchat content.

“Facelfit Data Studio is probably my favorite social media analytics service on the web. It helps me track, benchmark, and optimize my social performance with accurate analytics.”
Neil Patel Co-founder, Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Neil Patel Digital

With Facelift Data Studio, it's advanced analytics for Snapchat Shows made simple

Metrics in Facelift Data Studio are designed to be detailed yet easy to work with, delivering key metrics and KPIs in a friendly interface with customization options to help you make your dashboards look great and work even better for reports ready to set up in seconds.

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