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The perfect social media post: Less can be more!

When googling for the perfect Facebook or Instagram post, you will find many articles tackling this topic. The thought makes sense as organic performance is still a huge part of most social media marketing strategies, despite reports of declining reach. To try and answer the question for the perfect post, we analyzed more than 12 million Facebook and Instagram posts from January 2018. Though many results were expectable, they were sometimes also surprising.

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I’ve Got News for You - UK’s News Shows Analysed

Nils Herrmann Written by Nils Herrmann
in UK Brands on March 16, 2018

Nowadays you see most of the breaking news on your social media timeline, either because one of your friends shared it or you follow the social media account of a news program. Social media accounts of news channels are therefore omnipresent and it’s hard to imagine not to see a news related post while logging into one of your accounts .

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Twitter Private Statistics - Gain Deeper Insights

Julian Gottke Written by Julian Gottke
in Twitter on March 14, 2018

You probably have heard of Instagram and Facebook Insights. These insights provide private data those with admin rights. This is now available also available for Twitter users. Twitter Private Statistics provide you with a more in-depth view of your or your clients’ Twitter accounts. This article covers the most important Twitter metrics for account admins.

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LinkedIn in 2018 - How 5 Big Companies Use LinkedIn in Social Media Marketing

I recently noticed that there aren't very many data-backed articles about LinkedIn. I find that surprising, as the network has been growing steadily and found its place as the network for business professionals. In numbers, Linkedin has reached a massive 500 million users and 250 monthly active users. The numbers sound big, but to get a more relative overview, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users in comparison.

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20 Most Important US Brands Social Media Usage Report

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in Data Analysis, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, US Brands on March 01, 2018

Social media usage around the world is soaring and has probably not even reached its peak yet. It’s no wonder—all of us marketers want a piece of the pie, and we invest a lot of time into social media marketing. We were wondering how the big brands use this huge potential for outreach, so we analyzed the social media activities for the 20 biggest and most important US brands (according to Interbrand) in 2017.

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How quintly Helps to Automate Social Media Analysis

When we’re working we often try to make processes faster and more efficient so we can focus on more important tasks.  When I started in early 2015, web analytics was mainly done manually. Now most of it can be automated.

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How Facebook’s Latest Organic Reach Adjustment Affects Data in quintly

Karsten Lettow Written by Karsten Lettow
in Product on February 21, 2018

Since Monday, February 12th, Facebook adjusted the way how the reach on organic posts is calculated. This raises the question for you, as a social media professional, how the change affects your social media performance and analytics numbers, especially the reach metric. In this article, we provide answers to questions that our customers and we at quintly raised during the last week.

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How to Ace Your Instagram Content – Analyzing the ‘New York Times’

This article was updated in February 2018. The New York Times is one of those iconic publishers that practically everybody knows of. So we assume that their social media marketing is just as iconic as the content of their magazine. Therefore we analyzed four of their Instagram accounts from the past 9 months to gain a  behind the scenes view.

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The Best Chart for the Job

Graphs are a big part of analytics. Line charts, column charts and the occasional pie chart are possibly the most popular charts we see out there, but it doesn’t mean we are limited to using them every time. And even if we do enjoy these charts, we can always swap between them to see what makes a metric shine the most. It is about reaching more insights in the end, and reaching them faster too.

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Seasonal and Trend Analysis in Social Media Analytics

Seasons are a big part of marketing and business in general. Certain periods of the year can reflect positively or negatively on the results of business. The reasons behind that will vary from one industry to another, and can also change depending on the territory, product category, or even if a sudden new technological advancement is out. A seasonal analysis, or an analysis of a longer period to detect any potential trends in the market is therefore a big part of analytics. When it comes to social media analytics specifically, this can be

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