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How to Create a Social Media Success Formula

It’s unquestionable that increasingly many companies are investing heavily in social media activities. Big brands launch huge campaigns with influencers and other creative people, and small businesses need to find a way to identify and reach their ideal customers in the social web. These activities need to be measured – also unquestionable. At quintly, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we introduced the “Social Media Success Formula” a while back.

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Facebook Analytics – How to Analyze Your Facebook Performance

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in facebook analytics on January 25, 2018

Digital marketing is becoming even more important in 2018 – that’s no big surprise, and Facebook marketing is one part of it. Compared to classic marketing channels, social media is still a rather uncomplicated means to convey your marketing message. However, the early euphoria of quick success is a thing of the past. Facebook pages must now be closely monitored to know exactly what your impact is and to keep your social media strategy state of the art. This is why this blog post gives an overview of how to analyze Facebook data.

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Know Your Audience by Understanding Their Taste

Alex Goncalves Written by Alex Goncalves
in Analytics on January 24, 2018

In social media analytics, it’s part of the process to understand audiences by their taste. The taste, in this case, is reflected upon the interactions of the audiences to different “triggers.” The term “triggers,” in this case, can translate to many of the different data points we have in analytics. Being more specific, we can see these “triggers” as, for example:

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Advanced Analytics Made Easy: Explore Our New Discover Page

Kaisa Nauska Written by Kaisa Nauska
in Product, Analytics, social media measurement on January 19, 2018

New year, new business goals, right? Well, we just recently launched a brand new version of quintly and thought it’s time you meet. In particular, we would like to introduce you to one our most exciting new features: the Discover page.

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Twitter Analytics – How to Measure Your Twitter Performance

Nils Herrmann Written by Nils Herrmann
in measure performance, twitter analytics on January 17, 2018

Twitter can be used in several ways: Be it for building or raising awareness of your brand, entertaining your audience or providing customer service. As you can see, the purposes in which you can use Twitterin your digital strategy are manifold, as are the ways of effectively analyzing your Twitter efforts

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Social Media KPIs - Find KPIs That Fit Your Goals

The amount businesses spend on communications is shifting fast towards digital – and social media marketing is a big part of it. As a social media manager it’s key to perfectly know how your ongoing campaign is performing in order to invest your time and money right. You can achieve this through measuring your key performance indicators (KPIs). In this article about social media KPIs we’ll introduce the essentials of successfully monitoring your social media performance.

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Instagram Analytics – How to Measure Instagram Performance

Instagram offers great possibilities for very different businesses. Key to success is a clear strategy including the correct KPIs to measure the success of campaigns. After that, campaigns can be adjusted and marketers can focus on what worked best. As an overview on how to measure Instagram performance, I decided to write an in-depth article on Instagram Analytics, reflecting on what we’ve learned at quintly in the last years.

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Changes to Facebook’s API Coming Soon

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in on December 21, 2017

Facebook has decided to make some changes to their API for data privacy reasons. These changes will be rolled out on February 6, 2018. To keep you informed, we present the most important changes in this blog post.

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5 Ideas to Optimize Your Social Media Analysis

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in Research, Social Media Analysis on December 11, 2017

In September 2017 I went to a presentation of a newly published scientific paper examining how social media was used in the latest German federal elections. As I did my Master’s in political science and marketing, the event naturally sparked my interest. After the presentation, I talked to one of the creators of the paper, Swiss researcher Daniel Vogler of the Research Institute for the Public Sphere and Society (fög).

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Audience Interests in Social Media Analytics

Audience Interests in Social Media Analytics can be difficult to understand. The analytics process will give us many ways to understand the audience's interests, by monitoring what kind of content they like, what type of interaction they generate, and the comments and questions asked by the audience to the companies that we are researching. To get a direct metric that tells us “this audience likes that kind or product, or that brand,” is exceptionally hard for different reasons. I will share some of these reasons later in this post.

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