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Our Founder on Facebook Data Mining

The more data we collect, the more important Facebook Data Mining - the process of finding patterns in large data sets - becomes. Understanding large amounts of data plays a crucial role for advertising on Facebook, as well. That’s why our founder, Alex, gave a talk at the first Facebook Ads Camp in Cologne, Germany.

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7 Ways to Get More Facebook Video Shares

As a content manager, we all know that posting videos instead of images on social media can be more efficient as it helps the audience memorize the content shared by the brand. However, when posting content on social media or blogs, you have to think what would be the best way to give your audience an exciting, powerful and rewarding experience. You definitely want to share content that your audience will want to talk about. Here are some tips that will help you to get more Facebook video shares videos.

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How to Find the Best Time to Post on Social Media

The best time to post on social media is one of the most controversial questions since the beginning of from Facebook, Twitter and Co. It’s an internal battle fought and ultimately never quite won. Going with your intentions can often result in unsuccessful campaigns, wasted resources and frustration. The following article will show you an approach how to find the best time to post on social media, specifically tailored to your community.

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Facebook Post Reach Explained

Our new "Facebook Post Reach Explained" article will give you a profound overview about the different kinds of reach and shows you how you can use these numbers to optimize your own social media strategy. Facebook Reach is one of the most important social media KPI’s for marketers when it comes to measuring the success of Facebook pages or posts. However, Facebook offers a lot of different kinds of reach that can be used for this. As reach is a private metric, you always need to have insights permissions for the pages you want to analyze.

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Twitter Mentions Overlap - In-depth Relationship Insights on Twitter

Today, we proudly present to you our new “Twitter Mentions Overlap” feature. With the help of this metric, you can learn more about your active community interests by knowing what other companies they are talking about. You’re probably curious: what questions specifically can we answer with this metric?

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The 10 Most-liked UK Brands on Instagram

The mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram, has over 14 million registered users in the United Kingdom. That makes the software provider from California the 4th most used social network in the UK. We saw this figure as an opportunity to gather the data for the ten most-liked UK brands on Instagram.

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Measuring content marketing - That is what you need to know!

For many companies, content marketing is considered the holy grail of marketing, and they anticipate great success through it. Although some companies are really successful, others struggle to tailor high-quality and well-targeted content specifically towards their own business, and more importantly, to their community. This article will deliver some points to consider in terms of content marketing and, specifically, about measuring content marketing.

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Request A Feature with Our New Product Ideas Portal!

Claire Halligan Written by Claire Halligan
in Product, Features, aha, feature on March 16, 2017

During the past few years, we have added many new features to quintly - some bigger, like support for additional networks, and some smaller, like an enhanced design for reports. We strive to improve our product to increase its value to our users, and are always happy to receive suggestions for new features from you.

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Study proves: 530% more comments on Facebook Native videos

This study on Facebook videos has been refreshed in October 2017 for you to keep you updated about the latest developments in the usage of videos on Facebook.

Thousand of videos are shared on Facebook timelines everyday. So every time you view your Facebook timeline, you will probably come across some moving images. In particular, media companies and brands are making more and more use of videos. The strategy behind this is mainly the fact that video content has the advantage of engaging users for a longer period. Through the combination of

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How AirBnB Utilizes Twitter for Customer Support

While traveling in Central America, I became a heavy AirBnB user. Back home I used AirBnB occasionally, but while traveling especially in costly places, it proves the cheaper and often better alternative to a hotel or hostel. During my time abroad, I had one negative experience with an accommodation that looked totally different than listed on AirBnB. After reaching out to AirBnB via Twitter, I was pleasantly surprised by a great reply within two minutes. Two emails and 15 minutes later, I already received a proof of refund for the price

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