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Connect With Your Audience on a Personal Level: YouTube

by Magnus Eriksen on November 03, 2022

Video marketing is extremely effective. It is one of the fastest growing mediums used by businesses because of its increasing popularity. With over 30 million active users per day, YouTube is constantly growing and is the second most popular website in the world. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why video marketing on YouTube is so effective as well as some ideas for your content. We’ll also touch upon top analytics that you can use in order to gauge the success of your video content.

Why is YouTube marketing effective?

YouTube marketing is effective because it can be highly targeted. YouTube uses algorithms to identify your target customer demographic based on their history and patterns of usage on the website. Content is only suggested to relevant users where it will have the most impact. 

YouTube users are also more likely to remain focused on the content they see on the website. This is because, unlike other social media platforms, continuously scrolling for new content or watching dozens of short clips in quick succession is less common. 

The average YouTuber spends 30 mins per visit watching videos, and most are not only watching but also listening to these videos. YouTube users are more likely to be focused than your average social media scroller and are, therefore, more likely to retain the content they choose to see.

What is the best type of content for YouTube videos?

YouTube videos are best when they are informative and useful. These types of videos add value for the viewer, build rapport with your company and establish your brand as an authority in your industry. For example, if your company offers services that help businesses keep track of their documents, you could do a series of videos on how to organize your business because this is directly relevant to your target audience and gives them context regarding what your company offers.

Of course, it’s better when videos are high quality and have a level of consistency. You can include your company’s logo at the beginning of each video along with a jingle or begin each video with a similar phrase. Whatever you decide to do, there should be a common thread linking all of your videos to each other so viewers can easily identify that they are from the same source. Furthermore, posting on a consistent schedule shouldn’t be overlooked: regular content is one of the top requirements in successful video marketing. Offering educational, practical videos that will help your customer demographic is ultimately a great way for your brand to build credibility. 


How can I gauge the success of my videos on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world among the younger generation. An estimated 70% of 12-year-olds now own smartphones, and the youth preference for video content is likely going to influence the future of marketing. There are many metrics you can use to gauge the success of your YouTube videos and make sure that you are beating your competition.

Watch time is an important metric that reveals how long viewers in total have watched your video. Videos that have high watch times – meaning they have reached a large audience or have very dedicated viewers, or some combination of both – receive higher rankings in YouTube’s algorithms. Posting regular content and reviewing which content achieves the most watch time can help you determine which type of content is having the most success.

The average percentage viewed is another important metric to look at. Your most popular video may have racked up a high watch time, but the average percentage viewed metric might show that most people are only watching the first half of the video. The average percentage viewed metric measures your video’s ability to hold people’s attention and can help you determine how long your ideal video is going to be.

Impressions are another important metric. This shows how often the thumbnails for your videos are viewed on YouTube. This metric shows how often your video is presented as an option for potential views on YouTube

Average view duration is simply the watch time of your video divided by the total amount of times the video is played, including replays. This is sometimes considered a little more accurate than average watch time, as videos can score high on average watch time simply because they are reaching a lot of viewers who are promptly leaving to watch other videos.

Audience retention is another interesting metric that allows you to pinpoint which areas in your video are least likely to see users stop viewing and vice versa. Highly engaging areas of your video will have high levels of audience retention, whereas boring or repetitive parts may have low levels of audience retention. The amount of rewatches you receive as well as your level of engagement – the number of people commenting, sharing, liking or disliking your YouTube video – are also very revealing metrics to look at when designing video content.


How can I use YouTube videos to boost sales?

YouTube videos can help you build stronger relationships with your existing customer demographic but can also help you to boost sales as well. There’s already the fact that you can earn 68% of all ad revenue from your videos. But you also have to factor in how your videos can help direct customers to your actual products. 

Your company should closely monitor the analytics behind your video content to detect patterns that may indicate an interest or potential untapped market. Make sure to include an easy link to your website on each video you post and track which videos lead to online sales. 

Another great way to reach new viewers and gain more customers is to learn how to introduce yourself in another language. Thankfully, with YouTube videos, it’s easier than ever to post content in different languages. You can even take one video – such as a tutorial or a product demonstration – and use this as a template for future videos in different languages. Simply remove the English audio and replace it with a narrator speaking a different language to be more inclusive and reach a wider audience.

According to recent reports, the buying power of Hispanic consumers rose by 87% between 2010 and 2020. Helpful, instructive, or entertaining videos in Spanish can help you appeal to these consumers and show them that they are important to you. They can also help you tell your brand’s personal story to new customers.


Videos & short form videos are increasing in online popularity and are becoming the marketing weapon of choice for many brands. With high-quality content and an understanding of how to monitor your video’s metrics, your brand can start crafting a video marketing strategy that can make a huge difference to your bottom line. 

By engaging consumers through video, you can help solidify existing relationships with existing customers as well as branch out to new customers who may be very interested in your product and service and how it can help them.

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