How The Marketing Arm uses social intelligence to win pitches & retain clients

Setting expectations and data storytelling are key factors in how this global agency works with some of the biggest brands across the world, showing them what success looks like in order to deliver and make it measurable.



15 offices

across the globe


25 years

in the industry


Over 100

top brands


TMA knows what success looks like, both on and off social media

You don’t get to be the "Most Awarded" and "Most Creative" agency without having a focus that sets you apart. The Marketing Arm (TMA) works with brands across the entire customer journey.

Leading in shopper, experiential, and influencer marketing, TMA has increasingly been asked to showcase what they can do on social – and this starts with defining a successful social media strategy for their clients.


“Every company and client has a desire to be better with data. Some lack fundamentals while others have high degrees of data fluency, yet still struggle with the many ways that they can utilize that social data.

Working with Facelift Data Studio, we are able to tell stories through data to facilitate the discussions we need with clients and get more actionable items which would otherwise be a ‘wish list’ or lack of prioritization.”

Chris Ee Director of Measurement & Performance Science


Using social data to tell stories, manage 

expectations and define success

Competitive benchmarking is at the heart of how TMA works with clients to foster understanding of the market, which enables the team to develop a comprehensive go-to market strategy with clear goals for what can be realistically achieved.

Being able to quickly pull these data points together for multiple clients and across networks, all in one place, has saved the agency countless hours of manual work.


TMA uses in-depth social audits to bolster brand strategy

That means benchmarking the competition and identifying the right KPIs.



Surpass expectations & create lasting impact with social data

Social intelligence is knowing how and where to set your goals and finding the right KPIs for every client. From the first pitch to winning new campaigns, Facelift Data Studio data has enabled TMA to set clear social strategies by understanding how the competition utilize their own channels, securing budgets for paid campaigns and building business through meaningful relationships with clients.


With Facelift Data Studio, TMA delivers data-driven success to top global brands

But don’t take our word for it. Top brands means big names in the biz.


“In our digital division, at least 80% of our work is related to social and there has been increased desire from other divisions to explore what social can do for our clients. It's a critical component of our brands' marketing communications strategies.

In this sense, Facelift Data Studio has been an integral part of our bigger, retainer client work as well as showcasing high degrees of social intelligence in pitches. The data outputs it helps us unlock is increasingly being sought out within our organization, for more and more clients.”

Chris Ee Director of Measurement & Performance Science