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At quintly, we've analyzed the Facebook profiles of some of the largest retailers, department stores & brands worldwide. Click on each graph to view the full data or jump straight to our takeaways.

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Here are some of our findings. One clear takeaway is that Black Friday 2020 was a much bigger event on social media compared to previous years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is due to the nature of 2020 itself and evolving consumer habits.

 👨‍🎓 By Post Type

  1. There's a healthy mix of Videos, Photos and Links shared every year
  2. Photos and Videos dominate the types of posts every year, with links and albums trailing behind

 ⏲️ Num. of Postings & Frequency

  1. Almost all brands started posting one month before, on the last Friday of October
  2. The number of posts shared at end of October is growing year after year. From 2018 to 2020 it increased 50%. 
  3. In 2019, 30% more posts we shared the week before Black Friday. Black Friday itself was the day with the largest number of posts.
  4. In 2020, Thursday before Friday was the day when most posts were shared
  5. Retailers in South America tend to post more than 3-4 weeks before Black Friday

 👍 Interaction

  1. Dropped in 2019 & 2020, Facebook competitions got the highest interaction rate in 2018 (most likely due to the changes that Facebook applied in their T&C, making it harder to run competitions)
  2. The interaction rate per post type is showing that Photos get more interactions (the double compared to the 2nd: Videos). 
  3. The average interaction rate per post is as follow: Photos: 0.05, Videos: 0.02, Live Video: 0.023
  4. Even though they're not used as much, Live Video had the same interaction rate as Videos and in some cases as Photos. It will be interesting to see whether this trend will follow suit in 2020 and whether this feature will be utilized more

 🗓️ Distribution by Post Type and Date

  1. According to our data, it is inconclusive on a global scale to decide what is a preferred post type. Both Photos and Videos are distributed equally across all the profiles.
  2. When it comes to distribution by time, around 75% of the posts will be published between BlackFriday and the CyberMonday, a trend that we think will continue in 2020

About this report

This report was generated using quintly data to analyze how some of the top brands in retail, travel, electronics, fashion, media and more, are engaging their Facebook audience with posts related to BlackFriday and Cyber Monday. We examined their posts from 2018, 2019, and 2020, starting 30-days before Black Friday up to Tuesday after Cyber Monday.

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