Validate your marketing success with social media analytics 

Track, measure and optimize your social media strategy in one dedicated social media analytics tool. Gain valuable insights with competitive benchmarking.

Social Media Metrics


Choose from 350+ metrics to set up meaningful analyses

Work with a wide range of helpful social media metrics. Customize existing metrics or create new ones from scratch to effectively measure the social media KPIs that fit your strategic goals.


Gain instant insights into your social media data

You already have a specific data point on your mind that you want to analyze? Use our fast Analysis feature to directly jump into it. Find useful metrics within seconds through free text search and gain valuable insights in a blink of an eye.

Social Media Analysis
Social Media Dashboard


Arrange all your social media KPIs on flexible dashboards

Discover pre-made dashboards that follow clear use cases to start your analysis with a few clicks. Create dashboards that perfectly represent your own strategic goals to get meaningful insights out of your social media data.

“Benefit Cosmetics uses Facelift Data Studio to track social media performance across 100+ social channels. It helps us unify and compare global goals across various networks in 36 markets. Two of the primary KPIs we track are unique people reached and aggregate engagement. The data and insights from Facelift Data Studio helped us achieve a 22% growth in year over year reach and 50% in engagement.”
Toto Haba VP Digital, Benefit Cosmetics


Know your position with competitive benchmarking

Draw valuable conclusions from competitive analysis and stay on top of what other players do. Benchmark your own channels against each other, no matter if they represent one market or various, and receive helpful comparative insights to optimize you strategy.

Social Media Benchmarking
Social Media Success


Become empowered for social media success

Benefit from Facelift Data Studio as a trusted partner for reaching your strategic goals. Whether it’s setting up your analytics process, customizing metrics or creating great reports, we can guide you through it.