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Content Analysis

The right content marekting strategy is one of the prerequisites for maintaining and growing your audience and creating even more awareness to convert your readers into loyal customers. With quintly you are able to benchmark and analyze the articles of any blog and website with RSS or Atom formatted web feeds and generated the social interactions.

Alexa Metrics

Get in-depth analytics details on the web performance of blogs and websites with the inbuilt set of Alexa metrics. Analyze and compare the Alexa rank, reach, page views, sites linking in and the regarding change of those numbers for any blogs and websites with RSS/Atom feeds.

Interaction Analytics

Close the gap between measuring social media performance on the networks themselves and the social interactions happening on blogs and websites. Learn which blog articles are generating the most Facebook interactions and even benchmark those numbers with competitor blogs and feeds.

More Networks, Features & Endless Flexibility

Social analytics for all your networks within one tool: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Blog Feeds. quintly offers outstanding features to optimize your social media marketing efforts.

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