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Launching Private YouTube Analytics Integration

by Laura Buchholz on February 26, 2015

Following the model of the already existing Facebook Insights integration, we have now also extended the set of YouTube Metrics with the integration of the admin-only YouTube Analytics. With this update it is now possible to track your private YouTube analytics in quintly and add all these private metrics to your personalized dashboards and individual reports. Altogether the new feature allows you to get a much more detailed picture of your YouTube performance.

Advantages of Youtube Insights

From now on you have direct access to all historical data of your YouTube channels so you can track daily snapshots as well as relative counts for any chosen time period, e.g. the relative view count of a video across 2014.

For a detailed analysis on channel level you can now see unique views for each of your channels. Furthermore, you can categorize all channel metrics by country, per traffic source or playback location.

YouTube Analytics

Another valuable feature coming along with the launch is the Top Ten Videos Table. In one view it lets you check out the top ten performing videos of your chosen time period and you can sort these by any of the given metrics.

YouTube analyze

The new feature is also very effective for agencies with content ownership of different YouTube channels. If you manage numerous client accounts you are now able to monitor these in quintly and make use of our flexible benchmarking and reporting.

How it works

The feature is accessible for all our customers as it is included free of charge in all quintly packages. You simply need to add your YouTube profile to your quintly account and allow us with one click to access your private YouTube Analytics. The direct integration enables us to deliver your private analytics with quintly so you have all the familiar flexibility of comparing these metrics together with any other metrics of your choice in one dashboard.

When thinking of the correct social media KPIs the above mentioned can be greatly beneficial. 

What do you think about these new updates? If you need help setting this up for your account, please get in touch with us at or send us a tweet @quintly.

If you are looking for more info on the right approach to measure your YouTube performance, have a look at our in-depth article

Laura Buchholz

Laura is Allrounder at quintly. She has an eye on the company’s processes and daily operations, is active in sales, customer support and keeps the books. As a Social Media Manager she also supports the Digital PR. She loves the social web, writing and kicker.

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