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Instagram Strategy Case: Ray Ban VS Le Petit Lunetier

Elise Pauriol Written by Elise Pauriol
in Instagram, Social Media Analysis on July 11, 2017

When creating a new brand, entrepreneurs have a few advantages: enthusiasm from the audience toward a new product or service, nothing to lose in terms of reputation, no historic guidelines they have to follow regarding the communication, etc. In their first years of existence, young companies are free to test new communications techniques using their creativity. This gives them the chance to analyze what works best on Instagram to reach their target audience. When the brand has numerous customers and a reputation related to its products and

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Benchmark Study Q1 2017 – Current Social Media Trends

Elise Pauriol Written by Elise Pauriol
in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media Study on June 22, 2017

Setting goals for a social media strategy is important, but adapting the strategy to the previous performance and to the evolution of each network is essential. For the following study, we have analyzed 740,000 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To make it easier to apply the findings to specific cases that marketers might encounter, we look at social media data by profile size clusters. Overall, we aim to show general social media trends regarding the three most important networks. But now let’s talk numbers!

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7 Ways to Get More Facebook Video Shares

As a content manager, we all know that posting videos instead of images on social media can be more efficient as it helps the audience memorize the content shared by the brand. However, when posting content on social media or blogs, you have to think what would be the best way to give your audience an exciting, powerful and rewarding experience. You definitely want to share content that your audience will want to talk about. Here are some tips that will help you to get more Facebook video shares videos.

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