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Infographic: How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts

by Alexander Peiniger on April 09, 2013

How do I get the most out of my Facebook posts? A question, which is asked by nearly every social media manager and Facebook page owner to himself. In fact, we often get asked the question how a great Facebook post should look like, how to analyze these posts and how to compare the posts with those of my competitors and best-practice examples in a wise manner. To give an answer to all these questions, we created a new infographic: How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts?

The infographic is divided into three major parts. First it is all about the post itself and how the content should look like. The second part is on comparing and optimizing your posts through Facebook Insights. Finally, we concentrate on competitive benchmarking. For each area, we developed some tips and tricks that should be considered. In principle, we have summarized our experience with Facebook posts by checking our stats and logs and getting to know whats working best. If you have to manage the content for a Facebook page this graphic could be helpful to optimize the performance of your page.

As always we are really interested in your opinion on Facebook post optimization. Are there any points that we have not thought of or do you know more tips and tricks about Facebook posts? Just leave us a comment and tell us your opinion.

How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts?

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quintly Infographic: How To Optimize Your Facebook Posts

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