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Social Media ROI Videos Social Media Strategy

How to Leverage Marketing Videos to Increase Social Media ROI

by Gaurav Sharma on July 16, 2021

Video has proved to be an effective asset to effectively communicate with customers, increase sales, and increase brand awareness. In fact, video is nowadays an important part of an overall digital marketing strategy, as well as growth and sales campaigns. 

In this article, we look at why and how successful marketers use video to increase their social media ROI. 

Do Videos Perform Better on Social Media?

According to research, yes! 93% of consumers consider video helpful when buying a product, while another 71% purchased a product after they watched a brand’s video on social media. Additionally, 93% of businesses land new customers due to a video they posted on social networks. 

The raise of TikTok, Instagram's diverse video content options (IGTV, Stories, Instagram Live) and Facebook video are other signs that video is now the format of choice.  

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Brand

1. Builds audience trust

According to a recent study, 67% of consumers said that even though a brand’s good reputation may get them to try a product, they soon stop buying if they don’t come to fully trust the company behind the brand.

Additionally, if customers trust a brand, they not only buy, but stay loyal, advocate, and defend them. So, yes, building consumer trust can drive consumers to commit to your brand.

And that’s where marketing video comes in.

Videos create a connection that makes it easy to create a brand experience that builds trust. But how?

Think about how a video about your brand story can help you convey your brand identity, mission, goals, and voice. These types of videos explain what the customer can expect from you and what makes your brand different.

These videos can also help you increase social media ROI by boosting your brand awareness and overall engagement. Plus, when users become more familiar with your brand, you win their trust as well.

In your brand's social media video strategy, you can also talk about your struggles, successes, employees, customers, and any community activities you participate in to make the brand memorable. 

But, that's not your only option when using videos to increase social media ROI.

If you share video testimonials and reviews, you can help prospects discover what other customers think about you.

And again, it’s about using storytelling to explain problems your clients faced, how you solved them, and what the customer thinks about your brand.

What’s more, creating engaging videos can build a stronger relationship.

For example, using live videos and answering questions in videos can make the customer feel as though they genuinely connect with you. It can help you get potential customers to trust your brand, buy from you, and remain loyal.

2. Increases reach and engagement

As you scroll on any of the social media platforms, you’re likely to come across a branded video.That’s because videos can hold audience attention, increase engagement, and drive sales. 

The longer a viewer spends watching your video content and engaging in the comments section, the more social algorithms show it to additional people. This, in turn, can boost your reach as well. 

The key here is to create videos that your audience can relate to.

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3. Provides actionable insights

To boost your social media ROI with videos, keep a close eye on how they perform and which videos your audience engages with.

For social media, you can use a specialized analytics tool or in-channel insights.

Check video impressions and views but also if a person watched half of your video or all of it. Depending on their interaction, you can send them targeted calls-to-action. You can tailor the messaging so that it appeals to your target audience and moves them along their journey.

What’s more, social media tools offer retargeting features that allow you to connect with your audience again. For this strategy to work, you need to ensure that you check your insights carefully. 

You can also use the data on time viewed to know if you can target a customer with direct response advertising or whether they qualify for limited offers or personalized discounts.

Remember that A/B testing various tones, styles, and narratives can tell you what kind of video content your audience likes. These findings can help you in shaping your overall content marketing strategy. 

4. Generates leads and sales

You can use videos to increase social media ROI because they help you showcase your products better.

For example, a live video on any platform can help you explain features and show potential customers how to use products. You can also take questions and provide answers to pressing customer questions directly.

On the other hand, user-generated videos and testimonials can help with social proof. 

When people see how others have benefited from using your product, they may want to make a purchase. 

5. Allows you to share content across platforms

It may take time to produce video content. However, once you complete a single video, you can repurpose and distribute it across numerous platforms.

And the more you get it across platforms your audience frequents, the more reach and exposure you get.

For example, you can repurpose a YouTube Video into short, bite-sized videos for TikTok, Pinterest Video Pins, Reels, Stories, etc. 

And if you’ve integrated a specific software such as Zendesk, you can share your video via live chat as well. 

This way, you make it easy for audiences to find a solution and see your products in action without reading boring text.

And the best part of it all?

This can help you cut down on the time you spend on content creation and increase your social media ROI easily.

If you create great video content that users find entertaining, engaging, and educational, you can republish it across platforms as people share it for weeks and even months.

Additionally, you can reshare them from your profile after some time. All in all, it’s a quick shortcut to boost your social media ROI. 

Now that you know why you should leverage video in your social media strategy, how do you get the most from each of your video content?

Let’s discuss it in detail.

How do you make a good social media video?

  • Create video content that’s intriguing, helpful, and meaningful to your prospects.
  • Get inspiration for your new videos from content that’s already performing well. For example, you could create a video based on a blog post that gets the highest engagement.
  • Always create videos that align with your overall social media marketing goals.
  • Always include calls-to-action in your social media videos. Telling people what action to take after watching your video can increase conversions.
  • Include closed captions and subtitles to your videos to ensure that those who have not switched on their audio can still get some context about your videos.
  • Include relevant keywords in your video descriptions, tags, titles, links, calls-to-action, and captions. These keywords should align with your goals while also considering audience needs.
  • Track the performance of each piece of video content shared to ensure it drives good returns on investment.
  • Repurpose your videos into different social media assets, including still photos, quotes, teaser clips, GIFs, etc. This way, you can prolong their shelf life, get the most value from them while also increasing the number of ways your audience can consume it.

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What’s keeping you from using videos to increase social media ROI?

As you can see, it’s possible to use videos to increase social media ROI. And by using the right social media strategies, you can boost reach for your brand, drive conversions, and increase revenue.

So what’s your excuse for not leveraging videos to increase social media ROI?

Do you need help integrating marketing videos into your social media strategy? Comment below, and we can help you get more revenue from your marketing videos on social media.

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