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featured Reach vs Impressions Twitter Analysis Youtube Analytics Instagram Strategy tiktok business tiktok analytics

TikTok Analytics: What Matters for Business Accounts

by Rebecca Willis on January 21, 2021

While it's obvious that you have to keep an eye on your TikTok analytics to see how your profile is doing, it's important to avoid getting lost in all the numbers and charts. For business accounts it's crucial to find out as quickly as possible what type of content performs better, the perfect posting time to get the most attention and how to create a meaningful connection in a fast-paced platform for creators. Easily said, right?

In this article, we'll take a look at the most important TikTok metrics for business accounts that you have to start tracking from the get-go!

Firstly, what are analytics on TikTok and how do you access them?

TikTok is an amazing social media platform to develop your brand, connect with your audience or promote your business! With 800 million monthly active users and amazing advertisement prospects, TikTok has taken the digital world by storm but it is as easy as ever to hop on the wave of its popularity and thrive. Everyone can get on TikTok easily and promote any type of business whether it's a B2C brand, an online store, or even a B2B/ SaaS company. Find out here earthier TikTok is right for your business.


TikTok analytics gathers data from your TikTok profile and presents it to you on one page by means of charts. You will be able to access data from 7 or 28 days only but you can download it to store safely if you are analyzing the account’s performance from a desktop device.

It is essential to track your performance if you want to know what videos your subscribers prefer, are there any similarities between your best-performing videos, what works best, and should you drop.

How do you see your TikTok analytics?

Not every user can get access to TikTok analytics: you have to switch to a pro account to get all the insights. You do not need to pay or anything, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your profile 
  2. Go to settings and click on the Manage My Account option.
  3. Choose Switch to Pro Account.
  4. Select what category your account has (it will not be displayed publicly)

Please note that your account can not be private if you switch to a Pro Account.

As soon as you complete all the steps, you will be able to see TikTok analytics on both desktop and mobile apps. You can access it through the settings tab. TikTok Analytics will show up only 7 days after you have switched to a Pro Account though. It is recommended to post as much as possible during these 7 days so you can get the most out of the analytics after you have just started to gather them.

What metrics should you start tracking?

Overall, you will see three main tabs: overview, content, and followers.

The overview tab is quite simple: you will see video views that you go from all videos in the last 7 days, new followers you gained in this period, and profile visits. The other two tabs have more interesting information and features to offer.

Content tab

The content tab has the most crucial data for your profile that you absolutely must track.

First, you will see posts that you have published recently with a total number of views. The next slide is more intriguing: it shows what videos were trending on the For You page.

1. Trending

When we use other social media, we are likely to just follow the content of the people who we are subscribed to. TikTok has another idea: it just throws ideas from many creators that you do not know because the algorithm thinks you may like them.  

Therefore, it is essential to get on the For you page to get exposure and to be noticed by others. Take a look at your trending videos and try to find what is a common thread between them that made TikTok feature it.

2. Individual Posts

You can take a look at the analytics of every single video too by tapping on it. You will see:

  • total likes number
  • total comments number
  • share number (was your content worth sharing?)
  • total playtime of the video (was your video viewed more than once?)
  • average watch time (are your videos too long and people never made it till the end?)
  • traffic source (can you use this channel more to generate more views?)
  • audience origin

Followers tab

The followers' tab allows you to see what audience you attract so maybe you can readjust your content a bit to become an even better fit. It is essential for social media marketing because brands usually aim at a very specific target audience.

1. Gender

Find out what gender resonates more with your content. If you are striving for a male audience but you see in the analytics more females visiting the account, it is time to reconsider your content.

2. Location

You will see the top territories where your videos are viewed. TikTok has become a worldwide trend so statistics may be very diverse. Take a closer look at audience origin from individual posts to see what type of content is more enjoyed by your target audience.

3. Follower activity

What is the best type to post and did your post from yesterday have such low engagement because no one was there to see it? Use this category to find out when your users are active and boost your engagement rates by posting at the right time to catch their eye.

4. Videos your followers watched

How do I get into the mind of my audience and find out what they like? TikTok has an answer for that: take a look at the videos and profiles that your target audience liked the most and analyze them to get an idea of what kind of content you should post. You can also discover the trending hashtags in there that you can use for your own posts.

5. Sounds your followers listened to

TikTok does have a lot of value. No matter if it is a meme video, a dancing one, or a memory share, there are sounds in all of them. Some sounds become trends so people do not build sounds around TikToks but rather TikToks around sounds. Find out what sounds were trending and get your brilliant idea with it.

Final thoughts

TikTok has a variety of data to offer so that you can truly know who your audience is and how your content performs. You might even get new ideas for your social media and blog content strategy by learning what your audience watches and what they listen to.

TikTok analytics is extremely useful for marketing and data analytics teams. Make sure that you should switch to a TikTok Pro Account to access all of its benefits. Promoting your brand is easy on TikTok, so don’t waste such a chance!

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