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What is important for business to know about TikTok

by Haley Osborne on October 20, 2020

TikTok is a relatively new social network. However, it is very popular. In January 2020, the number of downloads of the mobile application reached 1,65 billion. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to TikTok. Another argument in favor of this social network is the growing interest of users and companies in video content.

Therefore, we decided to consider TikTok as a platform for promoting the business. In particular, the pros, cons, and features of use.

6 reasons to pay attention to TikTok

Number of users

According to MarketingCharts research, more than every 8 adults in the United States, aged 18-24, uses TikTok. And the number of app downloads in the App Store and Google Play reached 1.5 billion in February, last year. This is despite the fact that TikTok appeared in September 2016. However, before promoting a business in this social network, make sure that your target audience is on the website.

High user activity

This social network attracts people with its ease and entertainment format. It contains only video content. Therefore, just by going into the application, users are already configured to dive. They know what awaits them.

This is a great opportunity for business to attract attention. The main thing is to keep light. It is also worth taking care of the quality of the “picture” and sound. Being a significant characteristic of the video, it is able to improve or spoil the impression of what you see.

Maximum audience attention

TikTok presents content in full screen. This means that distractions are eliminated. It also excludes the possibility that the content will be partially displayed. Using TikTok, the brand is guaranteed to receive a second of user attention. The main thing is to attract and retain them.

If the company knows its target audience well enough and understands its interests, then the task will not be difficult. Just create relevant content. Be creative, try to create what your customers love, and attention is provided.

Ideal platform for youth brands

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, the age of TikTok users is young. Therefore, a social network is not suitable for any company. However, if your target audience is the same age, then you should pay attention to TikTok. Brands like NBA and Walmart are already there.

Low competition among advertisers

Companies make extensive use of Instagram and Facebook. However, TikTok is not a leader in priority yet. Only 4% of organizations add this social network to their marketing plan.

User loyalty to the platform

Studies show that TikTok boasts the highest percentage of active users. Almost half of them are in the age group of 20 or younger. At the same time, in October 2019, the total amount of purchases of coins and virtual goods in TikTok reached $ 23.1 million.


TikTok capabilities and features for users

Each social network is a small world in which its laws operate. TikTok is no exception. Moreover, it differs from analogues. First of all, by offering users unique content and interaction format. Knowing it, it will be easier for business to adapt to the specifics of the platform.

  1. Video creation. Short videos are the main content of this social network. You can download ready-made, or create them using the application. At the same time, functions such as a timer, stop and start recording, live broadcasting and more are available. You can also use visual filters, transitions, split screens, or set green. Some effects work for some time. Like other popular social networks, TikTok also offers emojis, stickers, and GIFs.
  2. Music. It can be added to the video, choosing from the huge TikTok music library. Also, users are offered integration with Apple Music. The latter is one of the solid arguments in favor of this social network. In addition to adding, remixing is available, as well as opening sounds / songs through playlists.
  3. Detection. This section contains all the information about hashtags used by users. You can also search for videos, sound effects, accounts, and keyword information. Friends are also available here. This is done by scanning your own TikCode (always unique) or searching by name.
  4. Interaction. Of the usual methods offered by the social network - subscribing to your favorite accounts, sending comments or publications in a video. However, there are other ways of interacting in this social network. For example, you can make a gift or share like. It is also possible to add favorite hashtags, sounds, videos and even effects to the favorites section.
  5. Profile Analysis. The page of each account shows the number of subscribers, subscriptions and likes received. Separately, official accounts are allocated. Like other social networks, they are marked with blue checkmarks. The latter is a good opportunity to explore competitors.
  6. Virtual coins. This feature is new for social networks of this type. TikTok allows you to purchase them to buy gifts. The latter can be given to users. Coins are also converted to emojis or diamonds.

How does to present a business in TikTok?


Explore the platform

For users, TikTok is a breath of fresh air. First of all, because the content on this social network differs from that presented on other sites. Therefore, before creating an account for business, study the platform. After all, it is better not to be present on the site at all than to look there bewildered or ignorant. This may adversely affect the image of the company.

The best solution is to see how competitors work in TikTok. Perhaps a company that operates in the same market as you is already there. If not, just watch the users. What content do they like more? What reaction does it cause? How, in principle, is the interaction of users on this platform?

If you set aside time for such preparation, you can harmoniously fit into the TikTok culture. However, do not forget about the target audience. You need to explore the platform based on the interests of users where you will direct marketing efforts.

Create your own fun content

This item is not discussed. It is mandatory if you want to promote your business in TikTok. The social network attracts users with fun and beautiful content. It has a lot of dynamics. At the same time, the videos themselves last from 5 to 60 seconds.

Even quickly looking at the most popular publications on the social network, you will find a huge number of funny videos. This is the specifics of the platform. Many videos from TikTok have even become Internet memes. The uniqueness of this platform lies in the easy and funny presentation of information. It is so popular with users that many videos from TikTok can be found on other social networks today.

Remember the age of the users and the specifics of the site. A business can communicate effectively with an audience. However, this requires creative, dynamic, and fun communication.

A huge advantage of the site are the wide possibilities for creating video. At TikTok, this is easy. Moreover, there is no need to use a professional camera. The quality of the “picture” and sound matters. However, to ensure it is enough to use a smartphone that has good specifications.

In the process of creating it is important not to get carried away beyond measure. Companies can use viral or scandalous videos, but only when this is part of their style. Otherwise, you should refrain from such an idea. If the business is positioning itself seriously, then even a frivolous video will be enough. Just be easier. A funny video demonstrating the company's product will cause more user confidence than a viral meme from a strict organization.

Always remember that content quality is key to social networks. The presence of typos can adversely affect the image. Therefore, before publishing posts, use services like custom essays online or Grammarly. This will help to avoid spelling mistakes and make the content better.

Business promotion in TikTok: 6 opportunities for companies

TikTok not only offers users interesting content, but also supports advertisers. There are 5 tools in the arsenal of a social network that any company can use. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, for various cases, a certain type is suitable.

Hashtag Challenge

The tool is present in all social networks. However, it is in TikTok that it is highly recommended to use it. Unlike analogues, this social network “specializes” in this. Such challenges are one of the main areas of advertising.

The essence of launching a hashtag is to create a challenge. The goal is to encourage users to copy your videos, or to make their own, but mention the company. It is recommended to create your own song for him.


Creating a hashtag is a great place to start at TikTok. An interesting challenge can give the company several hundred thousand views, even with a zero account. The tool has already been used by brands such as Colgate (#ColgatePlaxChallenge), Pepsi (#SwagStepChallenge) and Chipotle (#GuacDance). Challenges provide increased recognition and popularize the brand or product. Also, its creation allows the company to redeem a banner / hashtag on the TikTok main page.

How to evaluate the effectiveness?

  1. Hashtag page. All videos with a specific tag are shown here. To evaluate the effectiveness, pay attention to the number of clips.
  2. Banner. Looking through it, you will see the number of clicks.
  3. Engagement. It can be determined by the number of likes, comments, and reposts.
  4. Branded music. You can see the number of additions to a track only if you made your own signature composition.

In-feed Native Video

TikTok offers its own targeted advertising. The audience for the show can be selected by such characteristics as gender, geolocation, age. The ad will appear in the recommendations stream. The video also suggests a call to action.

The only negative is limited availability. Now a limi ted number of users can set up and run an advertising campaign in TikTok. Therefore, the first thing you need to send a request to connect to TikTok Ads. They are examined for several days.

How to evaluate the effectiveness?

  • Clicks, as well as the number of impressions;
  • video views
  • CTR
  • video views during the first 3 or 10 seconds;
  • average duration of the video;
  • indicators of audience engagement (comments, likes, and also reposts).


The first thing that a user sees when opening a mobile application is a static banner, GIF file, or widescreen video. It covers the entire screen area of the smartphone. Thanks to this video playback, distractions are eliminated. Increased user engagement. TikTok offers to place a video lasting up to 60 seconds.

How to measure effectiveness?

  • number of views / transitions;
  • coverage;
  • daily coverage (CPD).

Brand takeover

Represents advertisements directly related to the company’s page. Be the first to appear in the user’s feed. That is, before your advertisement a person does not have time to see anything.

This is targeted advertising. Shown to users who match the criteria set by the advertiser. TikTok offers ample opportunities for creative implementation of ideas in the format of static or dynamic display.

Branded Special Effects

A huge variety of tools are available here. The company can create its own stickers, effects, masks and filters. This tool in an entertaining format engages users in interacting with your business.

The advantage of this type of advertising is the absence of a language barrier. A business can interact with a target audience from various countries. The language that users speak, in this case, does not matter. Brand effects also circumvent such complexities as cultural features.

More Than TikTok Ads: Native Blogger Ads

Such integration is widely used in all social networks. In fact, the task of the business is to find the opinion leaders of their target audience. Some bloggers develop ads themselves.

When choosing an opinion leader, you should pay attention to the number of likes. Subscribers are less important. TikTok is distinguished by the presence of special algorithms. It’s enough for a person to like a blogger’s video once so that in the future the content will fall into his recommendations feed. Another advantage of integration with bloggers is push notifications when posting a new video.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to attract user attention. With the growing amount of advertising, people daily absorb it in huge quantities. Therefore, business needs to look for fresh solutions. TikTok, in this regard, is an excellent outlet for companies that focus on a young audience, under the age of 30 years.

This is a social network, interest in which continues to grow. However, it has not been “captured” by companies yet. Therefore, marketing is unobtrusive here. This allows you to make advertising less annoying and aggressive, as well as increase audience engagement.

Businesses that are present in highly specialized market niches (e.g. medicine, research) will find it difficult at TikTok. However, companies selling mass production should take a closer look at the platform. Explore the target audience and its interests. Perhaps TikTok is exactly the platform where you will get the maximum response from users.

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