Social Media Analytics API

Integrate Social Data Into Existing Systems

Nowadays it becomes more and more important to integrate and enrich existing business intelligence solutions with social data. Therefore, we have developed a modern API to simply incorporate social media data into your existing systems and applications.

The quintly social media analytics API is made for you to access all data points you already know from our tool. You need to have a quintly business account in order to access this API. Please get in touch with us if you like to get access.



The are two ways of fetching data. Either by asking for one of our predefined metrics, or by specifying a completely customized query by using QQL (Quintly Query Language). In addition to this, you have to set the metric parameter to fetch a predefined metric (see the list of predefined metrics here) or the qqlQuery parameter to fetch data for a customized query written in QQL. At least one of those parameter has to be set. For further details please check the whole API documentation.


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