Social Media KPIs

Find the correct social media KPIs that fit your goals.


Why social media KPIs

Measure the success of your social media campaigns to constantly optimize your activities. As social media spendings increase, finding the correct KPIs is crucial to validate further investment. Own posting patterns and content being posted has to be optimized to get the most out of social media.

Find specific KPIs

KPIs need to be tailored to your goals in social media. Through that your business is able to identify successful campaigns and those that did not perform as expected. Going deeper into the analysis, the content posted needs to be analyzed for team members to adjust the strategy if needed.


Report KPIs specific to your goals

The specific social media KPIs have to be bundled in one dashboard that can be easily reported to the target audience as you plan to. To save time in this essential process, reports should be automated and sent to the adequate people.

Differentiate between social media KPIs

KPIs are very dependent on the audience. Therefore KPIs reported to upper management or clients differ to the reporting shared with team members, who shape and publish content. Here the analysis has to go deeper on post level, whereas people not involved in the creative process just need results at a glance.


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