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Launching Read-Only Users

A lot of our clients have the need to set up more granular user rights, especially when they want to bring people on board who should get access to all the interesting numbers but not being able to change everything inside the account. Therefore we are launching read-only users today.

Read-only users are regular quintly users with a few extra limitations. For example they cannot make any changes to the profiles and groups associated with the account. Also they cannot change any dashboards shared with them through another user in the system. But to give them the flexibility to configure their own metrics, they can still have their own private dashboards and make updates and adjustments to them. (more…)

Social Media Benchmarking Study Q2 2015

Main Take Aways

Facebook The average Facebook page posts twice per day, but the number massively differs depending on the size of the page (1-1k fans: 8 times per month, 1m+ fans: 229 times per month), links and photos among the most popular post types, highest interaction on photo posts.

Instagram Users post on average once per day, accounts with 100k+ follower twice, image and video Interaction Rate about the same, the average interaction for pages up to 1k likes have 23 interactions on average, 10m+ followers have 570k interactions per post, Posts receive 29x more likes than comments

Twitter Users tweet on average slightly over 5 times per day, profiles up to 100k followers hardly use replies to users to interact, four interactions per tweet is the average for pages > 1k, Just 1.25x more favs than retweets (more…)

Key Differences between Social Media Listening & Analytics

The terms “Social Media Listening” and “Social Media Analytics” are often mixed up or used synonymously. However, for setting up a successful social media strategy, it is essential for businesses to differentiate between the terms and use both approaches simultaneously. Social Media Listening and Social Media Analytics comprise different methods and applications, we will explain how to combine both profitably. (more…)

Top 5 Reporting Approaches in Social Media

On July 7 we hosted the webinar “Top 5 Reporting Approaches in Social Media”. After we received great feedback and a few follow-up questions, we would like to share  thoughts on this topic here once again. Find the slides used below, feel free to download and share.

Reporting well is the ultimate goal of any social media analysis process. It matters not if you have the best systems providing you with the best data, and the best analysts finding the most relevant insights and planning optimisation revolutions that can boost your performance to the stars, if all of this cannot be shared well and clearly reported upon, it will fall short of a great success.


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