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Facebook Still Dominating Brands’ Social Media Strategies

After we received great feedback on our Instagram study in which we were able to identify that interaction rates are up to ten times higher than on Facebook, we wanted to reveal which networks seem to be relevant for companies and brands all over the world. In this analysis, we looked at how over 50,000 quintly users use the platform to track their social media presences. The study is split into 15 countries, as we identified variations between different regions.

The analysis does not only reveal the business-related relevance for a social network specifically in each country but also the eagerness analyzing it, which is one step beyond interest and relevance. Using these numbers as a foundation, we can assume which networks are relevant for marketers and which are not highly relevant for social strategies in companies. This may have many factors such as a lack of reach or (still) low relevance for businesses.

Interesting differences are noticeable, for example, that Facebook is tracked the most in France, whereas 30 percentage points less track the mother of all networks in Indonesia. In the Southeast-Asian island state, Instagram seems to be a “big thing” with 18% (Average 10%). In Argentina, just Facebook and Twitter seem to be important for the analyzed companies.

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By visualizing the table in the following chart, it gets clear that companies rely heavily on Facebook and perhaps too little on Instagram, especially considering the high interaction rates on the photo-sharing platform. Thus, brands might miss opportunities in reaching their target audience when focussing on one network, which is Facebook. The potential of visual marketing with pictures or videos is highly controversial but does not seem to be utilized by the majority. As a recent article on Harvard Business Review explains, multi-channel strategies can leverage many possibilities for companies, but have to be chosen wisely. (more…)

Things you (probably) did not know about quintly

While we strive to always design our tool and its functions as intuitive as possible, there might be some hidden functions you have not noticed before. As we would love all our customers to use social media analytics to its fullest, we would like to share a few tips and tricks in order for you to get even more value out of our services.

Zoom function

One function that you should not miss out on is the zoom function. This feature is useful, if you have chosen a certain time period for the graph you are looking at and would quickly like to check one time frame within that period in more detail. You can simply highlight that part with your cursor and the tool automatically zooms into the chosen section of the graph. With one click you can also reset the zoom and go back to the original view.

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King of Engagement – Instagram Study Q1 2015

Average Interaction on Instagram is up to 10 times higher than on Facebook

The following Instagram study provides insights on the most important stats during the first quarter of 2015. To get part of the photo-stream of an individual is not an easy task for companies. With 300M monthly active users and 2.5B likes per day the photo-sharing platform literally exploded since it was founded. People seem to like square-shaped pictures and the intuitive double tap like function and consequently interact a lot. In this study we analyzed how likely it is that users interact with the average account on this social network. On top of that, we wanted to identify if videos play a crucial factor in Instagram strategies, and which amount of posts might be considered as an optimum, plus an analysis on other relevant metrics.

Number of Instagram Posts
Whereas the average Facebook Page posts 1.5 times per day the number of posts on Instagram differs. Here users are tending to post less with roughly 1 post per day during Q1 in 2015. Analyzing pages with more than 100k followers, we found that these bigger pages tend to post more frequently than smaller pages.

Video / Image Distribution
We found in this study that 93.78% of users posts are images. Nevertheless, we saw in the Instagram strategy of New York Times, that for some channels videos play an important role.

Average Likes Per Post
As mentioned, videos do not seem to play a crucial role in Instagram strategies. Nevertheless, the following table shows that video and image posts receive a similar amount of likes on average.

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Launching custom colors for quintly charts

With our special focus on offering very high flexibility for our customers to personalize their dashboards and reports, we have gone one step further, creating an advanced new Custom Color feature. Besides being able to change the type of charts, users can now also customize the colors of their graphs, bar charts etc. This integration brings in another dimension of customization as brands can match the graphs to their own (or their competitors’) Corporate Identity, as well as agencies can do this individually for each of their clients.

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