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Alex is New Business & Partnerships Manager at quintly. With over 6 years in Social Media marketing, and having more than 18.300 hours of conversation with over 7.320 people about all things Social Media, Alex enjoys the idea that the world is better when united by the Social revolution.

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Audience Interests in Social Media Analytics

Audience Interests in Social Media Analytics can be difficult to understand. The analytics process will give us many ways to understand the audience's interests, by monitoring what kind of content they like, what type of interaction they generate, and the comments and questions asked by the audience to the companies that we are researching. To get a direct metric that tells us “this audience likes that kind or product, or that brand,” is exceptionally hard for different reasons. I will share some of these reasons later in this post.

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Favorite Metrics From Marketers Around The World

Alex Goncalves Written by Alex Goncalves
in on September 08, 2017

It is always interesting to hear what other marketers are doing with their current strategies. By exchanging ideas and hearing from others we learn a lot, and we discover the unexpected. Following this interest, I reached out to marketers worldwide via Linkedin, and asked them to share with us which are their favorite social media metrics at the moment, and why they use them.

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Are brands prepared for the rise of Pinterest and use of Pinterest Analytics?

Social Media is not just another advertising channel as many people like to think. And it is not a set of platforms trying to copy each other while offering the same old features. The social media landscape is far from being owned by Facebook or Twitter, and what keeps many marketers from understanding this is possibly the excess of unuseful information throughout the Internet, or the lack of time to invest in objective thinking, analytics and a bit of strategy. In this case in Pinterest Analytics. 

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