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Favorite Metrics From Marketers Around The World

It is always interesting to hear what other marketers are doing with their current strategies. By exchanging ideas and hearing from others we learn a lot, and we discover the unexpected. Following this interest, I reached out to marketers worldwide via Linkedin, and asked them to share with us which are their favorite social media metrics at the moment, and why they use them. (more…)

Are brands prepared for the rise of Pinterest and use of Pinterest Analytics?

Social Media is not just another advertising channel as many people like to think. And it is not a set of platforms trying to copy each other while offering the same old features. The social media landscape is far from being owned by Facebook or Twitter, and what keeps many marketers from understanding this is possibly the excess of unuseful information throughout the Internet, or the lack of time to invest in objective thinking, analytics and a bit of strategy. In this case in Pinterest Analytics.  (more…)

Storytelling is scary without data – learn to adopt and track efforts

On September 8th 2015 we hosted an awesome webinar on infusing data to brand storytelling. In this article we share the main topics of this webinar and a link to the video where you can watch the entire broadcast.

The highlight of this event was having with us Zack Radinski, founder and visionary mind behind The Big Red Balloon, a unique content driven agency based in Toronto and New York. Zack and the team are very careful with every detail to promote and take their clients to the next level in content marketing. They are very crafty data-driven bunch that take their clients content marketing efforts to the next level. Zack lives with the idea that “the universe is made of stories not atoms” and educates his clients on the importance of inspiring and motivating their end consumers. (more…)

Custom Dashboards – Secret Sauce of Social Media

In this article we would like to discuss the main findings of our webinar from August 4. In case you missed it, watch the recording and check our slides, or register for an upcoming Social Media Webinar.

A dashboard is the basic interface between the user and the information he is looking for. It is by shaping the perfect dashboard that the user will have the ideal view into the data he has. (more…)

Top 5 Reporting Approaches in Social Media

On July 7 we hosted the webinar “Top 5 Reporting Approaches in Social Media”. After we received great feedback and a few follow-up questions, we would like to share  thoughts on this topic here once again. Find the slides used below, feel free to download and share.

Reporting well is the ultimate goal of any social media analysis process. It matters not if you have the best systems providing you with the best data, and the best analysts finding the most relevant insights and planning optimisation revolutions that can boost your performance to the stars, if all of this cannot be shared well and clearly reported upon, it will fall short of a great success.


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