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Karsten Lettow

Karsten is Product Manager for Data Integration at quintly. Having started as a software developer, he's been working for quintly since day one – this is why Karsten knows every nook and cranny of our social media analytics solution extremely well. His focus lies on increasing the value that quintly can provide for all social media professionals.

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How Facebook’s Latest Organic Reach Adjustment Affects Data in quintly

Karsten Lettow Written by Karsten Lettow
in Product on February 21, 2018

Since Monday, February 12th, Facebook adjusted the way how the reach on organic posts is calculated. This raises the question for you, as a social media professional, how the change affects your social media performance and analytics numbers, especially the reach metric. In this article, we provide answers to questions that our customers and we at quintly raised during the last week.

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