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Infographic: Social Media Duel - McDonalds VS. Burger King

by Nils Herrmann on April 25, 2013

quintly - Social Media Duel: McDonalds VS. Burger KingJust like most people we are not averse of fast food, especially when schedules are tight. When it comes to the fast food fight everyone has certainly two brands in mind - McDonalds and Burger King. Therefore it was merely a matter of time until the two major fast food brands made it into our social media duel. Just as in the past social media duels the opponents are not unknown because there are many duels and comparisons in which these two brands play the main roles. We couldn't find a duel between these two focused on the social media performance, so we think this is a good choice. Although the last social media duel articles were very successful, we have changed a major point in the manner of presenting the facts and figures.

As the heading suggests, this time we have created an infographic to make the subject more comprehensible. Additionally we elaborated in past articles that pictures or videos are more successful than other formats. What else could I say about our monthly battle? McDonalds is the market leader when it comes to convenience food and this is evident in the data or rather in the social media performance but nevertheless Burger King is also doing a very good job in the social media landscape.

We hope you enjoy our newest infographic and we would like to hear your suggestions for future social media duels. Of course you can also leave us all other types of comments.

Social Media Duel: McDonalds VS. Burger King

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quintly Infographic: Social Media Duel - McDonalds Vs. Burger King

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