US Elections on
social media

Never miss any important developments on
social media about the presidential elections

Monthly election analysis

From now until election day, we will provide an updated social media analysis on a monthly basis. In addition to our comprehensive election dashboard, users have access to a helpful interpretation of our most important findings.

Live Stats: Hillary Clinton

Facebook Live Statistics for the presidential candidates

Follow the fan change for the presidential candidates with our real-time Facebook Statistics. Witness ups and downs during TV debates and other important live events as they happen. Always stay informed about the candidate who manages to gain momentum on social media.

Live Stats: Donald Trump

Election insights dashboard

Find comprehensive information about all essential social media KPIs like the Fan Change, Own Posts and beyond. The visualized data provides an overview of the social media performance of all presidential candidates. Zoom into every metric for a more detailed view and never miss any important developments in the run for presidency.

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