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What our customers say...

Facelift Data Studio is very helpful for researchers dealing with big data and social media. The platform is easy to use and all the associates are eager to help with any problem at any time.

Theodora M. Lecturer

We really like the level of detail we can extract from Facelift Data Studio's metrics, both for our own profiles and those of our competitors. They also have a very helpful support team who even help us by creating custom metrics for us. They have also improved the account connection functionality, which is very valuable for accounts like us who have around 500 social profiles. The best social analytics tool we have tried.

Agustín F. Global Social Media Coordinator

I mostly like their customer support. Whether it's communicating with their account manager or with their IT support, they are always quick to respond and very proactive! In addition to that, the tool is very user-friendly, has the main export options, and a great API.

Sunny C. Web Analyst

It's easy to understand and use, there are many different metrics, and the service is very good. They are always ready to help with doubts.

Thais D. Account Manager

Always updated. Very fast and accurate customer care. Complete. Flexible.

Federico B. Head of Digital & PR

Facelift Data Studio offers lots of metrics over all social networks (even instagram stories) and is super customizable. You can build metrics, widgets and dashboards however you want and the very nice and fast support is always there if needed.

Laura B. Business Analyst Digital

Facelift Data Studio has become a vital tool for our marketing department for both looking back at our social media performance, but also helping us build a better more educated strategy moving forwards.

Stefano G. Head of Digital Marketing

The ability to customize dashboards has been excellent! All of needs have been perfectly tailored by Claire.

Brittany K. Communication Manager

The easy interface to visualize and analyse every metric, the benchmark data that gives a valuable contribute to our clients reports and helps us to take sustained decisions.

Rita C. Co-Founder

Since we started working with Quintly, there's been a great relationship between them and our company. We also met their CEO in Mexico during a conference and it was a blast.

The service is always working, each and every question we had along the implementation was answered quickly and effectively.

The data they provide is what we needed for our service.

Bruno K. CTO & Founder

Not just one, there are many:

1. A great benchmarking platform with a wide platform coverage (unfortunately, LinkedIn and Pinterest are no longer supported due to API restrictions).

2. Accurate data and analytics

3. Great visualizations - tables and charts

4. Ability to create custom metrics

5. Great customer support - a detailed response shared promptly (within a couple of hours)

Tanvi A. Social Media Analytics Specialist

When I arrived in my agency in 2018, I needed to create fast reports without extra employees or spending more time. I found Quintly and I liked the tool. It is simple and gave us a lot of data about the brands - not only from my profiles, but from competitors too.

Morgana L. Head of Social Media

What I like at most is the possibility fast insights from a simple setup.

Guilherme P. Gerente de Business Intelligence e Estratégia
I'm creating ad-hoc and regular reports to help my colleagues to improve their job, understanding how the contents they're creating are performing. Do they match a KPI, or posting the right content on the right social?
Lorenzo C. Data Analyst

1) Customer service: always available, fast, experienced and very friendly

2) Usability: Clear and without any knickknacks it's easy to set up own dashboards 3) Export functions: everything you need with pdf, Excel, PPT etc.

4) Custom metrics if needed 5) Quality: always stable

Michael D. Communication Consultant

Their key metrics cover all of dimensions of social media data.

We are a digital analytic company. We were looking for software that can show all dimension of key metrics and Quintly seem to be the best one.

Pnerm A. COO & Co-Founder
quintly reps have provided outstanding service to help me customize these dashboards. Claire always provides helpful responses to my questions and Dimitrios has been a great partner while setting up our dashboards. The quintly team provides the best customer support out of any social tool I've used.
mullenlowe Agency in Marketing and Advertising
It is nice that quintly lets its users customize dashboards depending on what they need. In addition, I also appreciate their responsiveness to any questions the team may have about the tool and other concerns
NuWorks Interactive Labs The innovation agency
Our agency has been using quintly for over five years now. The various analysis options and the customizability of the dashboards are a great help in our daily work. The dashboards and general usability are clear, easy, and intuitive to use, even for new employees. If a problem should rarely arise, you can always rely on swift and professional support.
Philipp L. Consultant | Performance Expert

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