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Social Media Benchmarking Study Q2 2015

by Julian Gottke on July 28, 2015

Main Take Aways of our Social Media Benchmarking Study

Facebook The average Facebook page posts twice per day, but the number massively differs depending on the size of the page (1-1k fans: 8 times per month, 1m+ fans: 229 times per month), links and photos among the most popular post types, highest interaction on photo posts.

Instagram Users post on average once per day, accounts with 100k+ follower twice, image and video Interaction Rate about the same, the average interaction for pages up to 1k likes have 23 interactions on average, 10m+ followers have 570k interactions per post, Posts receive 29x more likes than comments

Twitter Users tweet on average slightly over 5 times per day, profiles up to 100k followers hardly use replies to users to interact, four interactions per tweet is the average for pages > 1k, Just 1.25x more favs than retweets

Social Media Benchmark


One Post = 5 Interactions on Facebook = 23 on Instagram

The Social Media Landscape is full of likes, comments, shares, pictures, videos, and links. We see our duty as social media analytics provider to clarify confusion with stats that support marketers in setting up a successful strategy.

As the importance of each network differs from the product you are communicating or the strategy you choose, different metrics help to make sure to invest resources in the correct network.The conducted study will help you to:

a. Benchmark yourself against the industry average based on your amount of followers and fans
b. Find important social media stats relevant to your business
c. Understand facts and improve your own posting patterns

Due to the uniqueness of every social network, we split the study in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To make the comparison easier, we chose three times the same metric within the Infographic across all three networks. With this in mind you are able to compare the amount of publications and see the amount of interactions as an average. To make the numbers applicable for everybody, we clustered profiles in different sized groups dependent on their fan or follower count.

It’s interesting to see that there are huge differences in posting frequency and the achieved interactions. On Twitter, people publish more than on any other network – Ok, that was an easy guess. The average page is tweeting five times per day, which is five times more than on Instagram but still a lot less than the considered optimum. According to Daniel Zarella, 22 tweets per day receive the highest amount of interactions, but to achieve this a lot of content is needed, too much for the average, as it seems. Facts like that can help marketers to start questioning their strategy. “Will I get more interactions when I tweet more?” or “Do we share all content we have? Do we waste potential?” Our social media study will help to back up decisions with data.

As already shown in our Instagram Study, interactions are by far the highest on Instagram, but interestingly, people post with a higher frequency on Facebook. In the smallest page bucket, which consists of fan-pages from 1-1k likes, posts receive 5 interactions on average, whereas the same page bucket receives 23 on Instagram. Furthermore, we were able to find out that the majority of businesses on Instagram do not rely on the power of videos. Checking the interactions per post and comparing them to pictures, it got clear that interaction numbers are about the same. To be noted here is that an engaged user has to spend more time with a video than with a picture. Consequently, engagement on video posts might be considered higher than on picture posts.

Check our Social Media Benchmarking Study and compare your own performance


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