Sponsored Post Detection

Find out which posts are sponsored

Organic reach is constantly decreasing and as a result a good social advertising strategy gets more and more important for businesses. Our sponsored post detection helps you to identify sponsored posts of your competition. This allows you to receive deep insights into the social strategy of your competition. Based on that, you are able to adjust your own strategy and focus on content which performs best in your industry. The first metric we set up for identifying sponsored posts display all posts of the analyzed group in one table. With this metric you are able to see how many interactions the posts received and if they were sponsored or not.

Going one step deeper into the Pinterest analysis we also created a bar chart where you can see the share of sponsored vs. organic posts at a glance. Hovering over the bars, you will be able to see detailed percentages. Based on that you have a clear vision in how many posts your competition is investing financial resources. Both charts give you insights in the competitor's social strategy with which you are able to constantly optimize your own social media strategy.

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