Instagram Rainbow BannerAt first glance, for many B2B brands it seems difficult to use Instagram as a marketing channel in their mix. One of the biggest doubts are concerns about a lack of existing visual content. And, of course, many of these companies think, that they do not really have tangible products which can be displayed on Instagram.

Is the combination of Instagram and B2B a contradiction? Do you need to reinvent the wheel to market your B2B brand on Instagram? No! To show you more of the details, we have used our tool to analyze how different brands are doing on Instagram. Our product focus lies on competitive social media benchmarking and we encourage our users to compare their own performance with competitors and also best practice examples. Benchmarking is not just about evaluating your own performance in the context of competitors, but also to identify and learn what really works in terms of content, communication style and posting times.

The Top 10 B2B Brands On Instagram

We want to learn from the best, therefore I compiled a list with 10 B2B brands, which have the most followers as of 7 Oktober 2014.

Brand Name Industry Follower
General Electric (GE) Multi-Industry 177,379
Adobe Software 30,418
Maersk Line Container Shipping 27,748
Intel Semiconductors 21,456
Lafarge Building Materials 10,571
FedEx Courier 9,484
MailChimp Email Services 8,924
Cisco Network Equipment 8,575
Hootsuite Software 5,594
Oracle Software 4,696
Data from October 7, 2014

As you can see, these 10 brands represent a colorful industry mix, though a technological focus is recognizable.In this post we don’t want to discuss the many different strategies to market your B2B brand. Using our Instagram analytics and benchmarking tools we rather want to check what the brands above are exactly doing and what results that creates.

B2B Content Analysis On Instagram

First of all, a look at the post type distribution. Since Instagram opened the platform for videos to keep the dominant position for mobile and visual content over newcomer networks such as Vine in June 2013, it is worth a look if our top B2B brands prefer videos or images.

Analytics For Instagram Post Type Distribution B2B BrandsObviously, also today images are still the first choice. In the case of Hootsuite, at least a little bit more than one quarter of the shared content are videos. Thus, the Canadian company is the leader when it comes to posting videos. On the opposite side, MailChimp and Maersk Line haven’t shared any video in the analyzed data period.With this perspective, let’s check how and if the brands are using image filters.


Image Filter Distribution Instagram AnalyticsThis time Maersk Line and the Lafarge Group strike the eyes with their filter distribution. Maersk Line, one of the brands which never posted a video, seems to be very open about using different filter types. The same can be said for Lafarge and again, Hootsuite. All the other brands used a image filter very rarely, MailChimp and FedEx never used any special filter. Since time matters, we used a custom social media metric created with QQL to check the average number posts by weekday.


Custom Instagram Metrics Average Posts By WeekdayThis chart shows a similar posting behavior as we know it from brands on other social networks. In fact, it seems like the weekends are not preferred for sharing content.To close the day and time analysis, the following bubble chart shows the preferred posting times by weekday and hour for the analyzed brands. Note: The chosen timezone is GMT+0.


Instagram Analytics: 10 B2B Brands Posts By TimeThe Response Of The Instagram Followers

It is all about interaction, so which brand creates the best interaction rates? The following chart gives the answer:


Instagram Analysis B2B Brands Interaction RateFedEx creates the highest interaction rates per month followed by Oracle and Cisco. All in all, nearly all brands are generating good interaction rates which remind us of the early days of Facebook.

Looking at all posts in the analyzed data period, the following post was the best one with an interaction rate of 13.78%.

The most liked post was made by General Electric:

Instagram Analysis: Final Words

With more than 200 million monthly active users, 1.6 billion likes per day and 60 million shared items per day, Instagram is here to stay and as you can see it also works for B2B companies. If you want to check if your competitors are already successful on Instagram and what they are doing, take a look at our Instagram analytics.