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Julian is Communication Manager at quintly. With a master's degree in Digital Marketing he manages the company’s communication. He likes building relationships with interesting people and good stories.

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Facebook Reactions Study - New Reactions picking up pace!

Julian Gottke Written by Julian Gottke
in Reactions, Social Media, Study, Facebook, Social Media Study on September 08, 2016

After our popular Facebook Reactions Study, this post summarizes the findings of our latest study. Here we analyzed 105k Facebook pages in May and June and were able to reveal some interesting changes on how Facebook Reactions are being used. As a little heads up: The usage of Facebook Reactions increased massively for the biggest profiles analyzed.

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Find the right content marketing KPIs to measure your storytelling approach

Content Marketing developed as a crucial part of a company's communication strategy to reach their target group in a less advertising manner as conventional methods. In the end this strategy should provide content that informs and helps your visitors. Social media channels are used to push content marketing efforts out to fans, followers and thus (potential) clients. Without a doubt, content marketing can be a highly effective strategy in reaching an appropriate audience – but as every other strategy – it has to be measured. Therefore, it

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Instagram Study: Interactions have dropped by 33% in one year

In our Instagram study for 2015 we analyzed the development of the interaction rate and found a downwards trend by almost 40%. Due to the fact that this rate takes more values into consideration (to make profiles comparable, irrespectively of size) the decreasing rate has more than one factor. To get a better understanding of how that affects total interactions, we used this Instagram study to also analyze purely likes and comments.

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Facebook Reactions Study - Reactions hardly used!

Click here in order to find our follow-up study from September 2016. 

Since the end of February Facebook users have the possibility to express their feelings in other ways than just with a Like. This Facebook Reaction study analyzes 130,000 posts and reveals first findings on how Facebook users interact after the official launch. Facebook Reactions added five new options on how people are able to interact with content. For marketers, this feature offers some great information to analyze their content, conversations and community. 

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Facebook Reactions Analytics - Now available for all Facebook pages within quintly

Analytics for Facebook Reactions were so far just available for your own pages via Facebook Insights. Just recently, Facebook launched Facebook Reactions on a public level and we are happy to announce social media analytics for the reactions of your community – not only for Facebook Insights but for all your and your competitors Facebook profiles.

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How to find the best-fitting Instagram KPIs

Now that Instagram is more mature, the network plays an essential role for an increasing number of businesses in content marketing. As reported in our Instagram Study 2015, interactions dropped throughout the past year, whereas own posts increased moderately and the frequency of video posts almost doubled. These facts, crowded Instagram timelines and competition force brands to set and measure the right Instagram KPIs to use the network to its fullest.

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Track Facebook Reactions now in quintly

Since six weeks Facebook users have been able to react differently than just with 'Likes' on a post. The little animated emojis give people new possibilities to engage with a post and now quintly users can measure these results. Starting with this information in Facebook Insights, you are now able to track Facebook Reactions for your pages.

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Instagram Study 2015 - Distinct drop in interactions

During 2015 we published our Instagram study of Q1 and Q2. To keep marketers up to date, we have now analyzed the whole year of 2015. By looking at the numbers we were able to identify interesting developments during the year. Instagram has often been reported as the “place to be” for brands and their storytelling. To get your campaign right, it is highly essential to understand the network-related data that backs up your decision-making process. Accordingly, goals have to be set on how the network is developing, therefore our Instagram

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quintly Feature Update - Industry Benchmarks

Julian Gottke Written by Julian Gottke
in industry benchmarks, Facebook, Feature Pitch on February 18, 2016

In quintly you are able to compare yourself against your competition, which is crucial for setting up the perfect social media strategy for your business or your clients. Through this you learn which posts are working best for you and the players who aim towards the same target group. Today, we launch a very helpful feature that will further improve the way you market in social. From now on all our users are able to add Industry Benchmarks to their analysis.

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Social Media Analytics Cycle – How to optimize your social media routine

The following social media cycle will help you to constantly be ahead of your competition. Social Media with all its different facets can be overwhelming and has many aspects that are crucial to stay ahead of your competition. With the help of this Social Media Analytics Cycle (SMAC), businesses are able to efficiently set KPIs in order to achieve goals as well as report the performance to the correct recipients. It will help you systematize your social media analytics routine to stay ahead of your competitors.

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