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Seasonal and Trend Analysis in Social Media Analytics

Seasons are a big part of marketing and business in general. Certain periods of the year can reflect positively or negatively on the results of business. The reasons behind that will vary from one industry to another, and can also change depending on the territory, product category, or even if a sudden new technological advancement is out. A seasonal analysis, or an analysis of a longer period to detect any potential trends in the market is therefore a big part of analytics. When it comes to social media analytics specifically, this can be

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Facebook Analytics – How to Analyze Your Facebook Performance

Tilo Kmieckowiak Written by Tilo Kmieckowiak
in facebook analytics on January 25, 2018

Digital marketing is becoming even more important in 2018 – that’s no big surprise, and Facebook marketing is one part of it. Compared to classic marketing channels, social media is still a rather uncomplicated means to convey your marketing message. However, the early euphoria of quick success is a thing of the past. Facebook pages must now be closely monitored to know exactly what your impact is and to keep your social media strategy state of the art. This is why this blog post gives an overview of how to analyze Facebook data.

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