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Mercedes vs. Tesla: Social media face off

Mercedes-Benz and Tesla are both big players and competitors in the car industry. The competition for the car manufacturers doesn’t happen only on the streets; Mercedes vs. Tesla can also be seen on social media. For this reason, we have taken a look at the social media appearance of one of the oldest car companies, Mercedes-Benz, with its 90 year old history, and at Tesla, a pioneer of electric cars that was founded only 13 years ago. Basically, it is the establishment against the new kid in town.


Little known ways to improve your social media report

The creation of a social media report is a long lasting and difficult task, which involves a lot of different aspects and certainly a lot of testing. You may already have noticed that every social media report concept follows a different approach and sometimes you do find overlaps. It sometimes feels like asking the deeply philosophical question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” because there is no certain answer to these questions. A myriad of factors come into play in the process of creating a social media report.

How social media can improve your customer service

Where there is social media, there is customer service. Through having a social media presence it is inevitable that your clients will try to reach out through your social media channels. Especially when it comes to customer service, social media can be a curse and savior at the same time. Everyone stumbled upon on the embarrassing social media customer service moments made by other companies, that everyone tries to avoid as good as they can. That said, keep in mind that there aren’t only downsides to social media yet it is also a really good way of providing excellent social media customer service. But going back to our initial thought: What is the relation between social media and customer service? What do you have to keep in mind when my Facebook timeline or Twitter feed suddenly becomes an additional support channel?


Rio Olympics 2016 on social media: Ten athletes to watch

Brazil is hosting the 31st Summer Olympics Games and the whole world will look to Rio Janeiro to follow the favorite athletes. We seized the opportunity and analyzed ten social media profiles of athletes who are participating in the famous athletic competition for you. For this reason, we picked ten athletes from the fifteen athletes to watch list. In the following article are we unveiling insights into the social media usage of the Olympic athletes and see how well their social media accounts performed in July 2016. So let’s find out which Olympic athlete is in favor of winning the quintly social media gold medal? Rio Olympics 2016 on social media: Let the games begin! (more…)

Twitter study: Steep drop in interactions for biggest profiles!

It is time for our first Twitter study in which we take a closer look on the first six months of 2015 and 2016. We analyzed a huge amount of Twitter profiles, 30k if you want to know the exact number, but don’t expect a simple resume of boring numbers and data. This study provides an interesting in-depth insight into the logic behind Twitter, and works out specific details of usage and strategies of the micro blogging channel. Keep in mind that this study is not only beneficial for marketers but also for everyone else that wants to learn more about the behavior of Twitter. The numbers will not only help you to understand the changes that happened in comparison to the first half of 2015, but also provide an understanding of the distribution of engagement on Twitter. We categorized the analyzed profiles in six different groups, so that every marketer is able to benchmark their own performance against the individual average. Are you so excited as we are about the results? So let’s get started! (more…)

Set up an effective social media report

Social media analytics are not just for the end-user and neither should those statistics be only seen as vanity metrics. Working with up-to-date data goes way beyond and has to fulfill certain requirements to be of use for a whole company. What benefit does it bring when the social media manager of a brand’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube profile knows about the performance results of its brand own social media strategy, but can’t communicate these outcomes to other departments of the company? One way of sharing your data into an actionable format can be provided by creating an effective social media report. A well structured social media report will always be more powerful than using your instinctive or to make impulsive decisions. (more…)

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